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Hi, I'm Jo

Hi, I’m Jo Sintes, a registered nutritional therapist, wellness coach and Zest4Life Associate.

I am based in Spain and work World-Wide via skype/zoom with English speaking women of 40+ who worry about ageing. Women who have woken up one day to discover that the body they have is a stranger to them and with the passing of time they have several health and weight challenges that seem to be out of their control.  

My clients have usually tried every diet in the book and are now tired of being a “prisoner” to eating and just want to enjoy life and to age healthily.

Jo Sintes Ageing Fabulously

You are not alone with the ageing worries, I also go through the same.  You get to a certain age when you feel fed up of going on yet “another diet” –  believe me I have done most of them out there – and realise that it’s not just the weight but other age related issues going on.   I just wanted to enjoy my food with no guilt/stress, to be free from dieting and not spend my free time at the doctors.

My love for nutrition started with a conviction that we are what we eat, together,  with a love of eating, and I started studying nutrition as a hobby to help myself and my family.  

On MY journey I have learnt how to control my weight, ease the symptoms of menopause as well as osteoarthritis, but the best of all is feeling energised, and full of life again. 

It was then that I decided I wanted to help other women and share my knowledge with them and so Ageing Fabulously was born.

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Jo Sintes
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Let's take back control of your health and weight so you feel energised and reconnect with yourself again.

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