My good friend , Lynn Delaney has just completed her first book called “Ladies that Rock”.

It is a book compiled of various stories of transformative moments in women’s lives.



My story is on page 58.  She will be selling the book on Amazon. I am hoping to bring Lynn to Spain to do a “signing”, so if any of you lovely ladies have any brilliant ideas please contact me. I am in the UK until the13th June.  I would love to get Lynn on Mijas TV. She is an inspirational woman with an amazing story. She lives n Miami but is English.


Lynn once headed the cosmetic company; Nutrimetics and was extremely successful. She has been

married 3 times (her first 2 husband’s died). Lynn and I met when we were aerobic instructors in the U.K.


I will be living near Granada for a few months and running holiday apartments with my husband, Vladimir.

(please see: I will be running meditation classes and sessions as well as practicing my hypnotherapy and NLP).Please contact me should you want any more information on what I do. You can also see my website:  I am always happy to do talks & workshops on THE POWER OF YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND. This work is very powerful very quick and life-changing !


I would also be very interested in running workshops with Lynn and my business partner (Carol Woodley, who also wants to  live in Spain.) Carol has just lost her 18 year old daughter to cancer. Carol also has a Downs Syndrome child. She is also in LADIES THAT ROCK. We have all had amazing experiences in our lives and are excited about sharing our  “learnings” with other women. So…watch this space ! Please contact me with any great ideas.



                                                                                                         Love & Light     Carole  xx




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  1. Thanks for sharing this Carole - we love inspirational women (although I have yet to meet one who isn't!!)  I would be interested to chat about possibilities of having Lynn talk at one of our events.  Lets connect via email
    Enjoy your weekend!

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