Meeting new people in Fuengirola

Hello there,
My name is Alida and I grew up in Fuengirola. I now live in London but my family still lives out there. I am coming down for a couple of weeks to spend Christmas with my parents and would also love to meet new people while I’m out there. I’ll be there between the 12th and 28th December.
I know the Christmas season is busy for everyone but was thinking it would be nice to arrange to meet with whoever is available in Fuengirola.
Hobbies wise, I enjoy eating out, going to the cinema, meeting friends for coffee, taking long walks along the Paseo, and working out at the gym or going for a run.
It’d be great to arrange something! 
Thanks very much!
Alida x

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  1. Cinta García de la Rosa

    Hi Alida,
    My name is Cinta and I live in Fuengirola. I would love to meet some time so we can do something fun. 

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