Money Saver Spain latest news for Costa Women 1 Oct 2015

Hi Ladies!

There are lots of goodies in this week’s Money Saver Spain newsletter¬†including:

  1. A little trick to get 25% off at H&M (new autumn / winter coat?)
  2. All about Amazon’s new supermarket in Spain (nothing better than getting all the heavy stuff delivered straight to your door)
  3. Lower IBI taxes based on energy efficient homes (good news, but we’ll have to wait till 2016)
  4. 3×2 on dry cleaning at Pressto (in El Corte Ingles stores – as good an excuse as any to visit one)
  5. 2×1 on DVD TV series (just in time for shorter evenings outside)

There’s lots more in the newsletter, if you want to suggest anything just drop me a line to



2 thoughts on “Money Saver Spain latest news for Costa Women 1 Oct 2015”

  1. Hi Maxime,
    just to say that I find your posts very interesting...Any more information regarding prices of long term rentals...whether they will drop or will they stabelize? thank you

  2. Hi Ana - I wish I knew the answer to your question! From a lot of what I've read in the economic press and on websites such as Idealista (Spain's top website for property search), it seems that Spain's economy is on the rise. However, not all regions are the same - whereas some areas have already recovered and property prices are rising other areas have still to start.

    Having looked at the report for Sep 2015, in 22 Spanish capitals rental prices have risen - for example in Barcelona by a huge 11% over the last quarter. However overall over the last year prices are stable.

    Here are the figures:

    Hope this helps!

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