Money Saver Spain Top Offers for Costa Women 16 Apr 2015

  1. See how to get discount coupons for top food brands in Spain and even free films via Danone.
  2. Buy an LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner and if you’re not fully convinced in 30 days you can return it and get a full refund. Check participating stores at link. Also from LG, buy Home Music speakers and get a free 6-month subscription to Google Play music.
  3. Get a free cookware set (delivered free to your home) when you buy a Series 8 Bosch induction hob or oven, ends 31 Aug.
  4. Get a 90 mins beauty session at Perfumerías If for only 35.99€ (normally 60€), or mani+pedi for 19.99€ (normally 28.70€), need to download free coupons.
  5. Malaga’s Cinema Festival, 24 & 25 Apr, includes free open-air concerts.
  6. 6€ discount at (children’s clothes) for newbies on orders over 30€, use code BIENVENIDANONABOX.
  7. New post: how to donate your unwanted stuff in Spain.
  8. Book month at Amazon Spain, 50% off second book in English.
  9. 15 minutes free GHD Curve session at participating hairdressers, ends 29 Jun.