Money Saver Spain Top Offers for Costa Women 26 Feb 2015

  1. Get a 10€ voucher to spend at Decathlon when you buy Post-It products. Need to buy the number of units shown on the website (differs by products, eg. 12 rolls Scotch Magic tape or 2 packs 5-colours Super Sticky Notes).
  2. European Food Fair at Hipercor stores from today until the end of March with over 1800 products. Also at Hipercor 15% off Panasonic cordless phones.
  3. Win 2000€ every month for life with Nescafe – just need to send in or upload 2 promo labels.
  4. Marcilla coffee offer a free personalised mug when you buy 3 products (on a single receipt). 10,000 mugs available.
  5. Buy 2 packs of Nescafe 3in1 coffee and get a free cinema ticket. Valid for purchases made until 10 Mar.
  6. 4×3 promo on all products atRituals online, use code PROMOCION4POR3.
  7. No cash to travel? Read the tips from Lonely Planet on travelling close to home– no credit card required! Still available free ebook: Best new travel experiences 2015.
  8. Ticket Restaurant voucher worth 4€ when you buy two 1l bottles of Granini juice promo bottles (5000 available). Also enter a prize draw to win a stay at a rural hotel.
Freebies with Spanish women’s mags in March:
  • Woman: Pepita Perez scarf and mini Adolfo Dominguez fragrance
  • Glamour: Pinaud make-up set and L’Oreal Infalible sample
  • Cosmopolitan: Zimberland hair conditioner
  • Marie Claire: Maybeline nail polish (normal size)