One of Life’s Taboos – and How I can Help.

Living in the warmth and friendship of an expatriate community has many benefits – Costa Women being one of them!

However, if you were to die here….would your family or friends know what to do, or who to call?

What are your wishes are for your funeral?

There are several very important key facts you need to be aware of regarding the Spanish funeral system.

These will, in all likelihood, be very different to that of your home country:

1  The funeral is very quick, within 48 hours.

2 The funeral has to be paid for on the day – at whatever price is agreed with the funeral director at the time of doing the contract.

This can vary hugely between funeral directors – and is at their discretion.

3 Lastly, there is the language barrier to try and over come, plus the complex regulations and red tape which add to the confusion here in Spain.

All of the above can be avoided by taking out a funeral plan with Golden Leaves International.

Our service includes:

1  An agreed funeral price and we can arrange additional time before the
funeral takes place.

2 Payments over 5 years with interest free payments, if needed.

3  A 24 hour telephone help line, in English.

4 All the red tape and death certificates are obtained by us for you.

5  You are not just covered if you pass away herein Spain – you are covered in the UK too.

Your money is kept safe and secure in a trust fund in the UK, and we follow all the industry regulations.

If you would like more information, without any “sales patter”, from a Costa Woman who has lived here for 13 years,

and who has a wealth of experience in funeral planning, please do contact me ,

Speak to Ruth Forder, for a chat.


Tel: 693 715 718 or email


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  1. Love the info Ruth, do you help people without a plan, can they just ring you up to arrange it for them? Barbara

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