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In the fast moving world of social media and business in Spain, change is constant and new methods, tools or rules can create new threats, or opportunities. Costa Women are here to help!


To increase its outreach and support for your business, we have created ‘Business Class’ an exclusive club just for Costa Women in business.

In addition to a social media boost and advertising in a business directory, ‘Business Class’ will be the centre of a thriving business community that connects, inspires and supports female entrepreneurs to solve the problems of being in business and working in, or from Spain.

Members would be able to share knowledge, contacts and connections in a private members area in a forum for discussion, and attend both on and offline events.



The benefits for Costa Women Business Class Club include:-


► An advert in the business directory which the 9000+ Costa Women members would be encouraged to use. The advert would be visible externally.


► Personal login to the ‘Business Class’ private group on Facebook, join in business related discussions and get access to exclusive resources.


► Access to an archive of videos, advice sharing, training and links to relevant online material.


► Monthly online meetings and accountability webinars including training from thought leaders sharing their ideas about relevant and current business topics. Learn from and implement their ideas in your business.


► Special mention in the newsletter annually at a time to suit your business.


► Sharing of special promotions or offers on the main Costa Women Facebook page twice a year


► Sharing of your business and any promotions on twitter @costawomen


► Costa Women Business Class Club badge to share on your website, and/or Facebook page.


► Option to have a video, or written interview about you, or your business and the services you offer with subsequent promotion on social media.

► Receive a 10% discount off tickets to Costa Women organised business events.


► Given priority bookings for any events where Costa Women have exhibition stands.


In addition to the above we are able to adopt new ideas to continually energise a value adding business community of shared interests. Supporting, connecting, enabling and inspiring Club members and helping your business to get to the next level.


UPGRADE to Costa Women Business Class. Annual cost is 129€ + IVA


To Upgrade please click link below or send an email to




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