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Recently I had the privilege of spending the summer in an idyllic Swedish forest where I immersed myself in the simple life. That’s right … I was waking up to singing birds, walking barefoot whilst picking blueberries and rowing on the tranquil lake at sunset. 
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What is Pure Effect?

Pure Effect was launched in Sweden in 2015 and offers a range of clothing care and cleaning products based on Biotechnology. At its simplest, it can be described as a technology based on biology – harnessing biological systems, living organisms or parts thereof, to develop products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet.

The company’s products consist mainly of water, bacterial culture and fermentation extracts. The extracts, in turn, consist of different beneficial enzymes which are selected according to the cleaning task they are to be used for e.g. grease, odours.

Pure Effect Sweden

Pure Effect

In my quest to clean our cabin in the most sustainable way possible, I discovered Pure Effect’s remarkable product range. Despite my initial skepticism, I would soon enough fall in love with it all …. so much so, that I approached the company and have brought it to Spain in the hopes of sharing it with you. 

Often times when a product like this enters the market, the challenge lies in shifting old paradigms and re-educating people in order to create new and healthier habits. Take the misconception of using anti-bacterial products to eradicate bacteria for a clean surface. Bacteria is prevalent everywhere and vital to the planet’s ecosystem, as well as our own health. In fact, our bodies are full of bacteria, with more bacterial cells than human cells. It’s worth noting that less than 1% of all bacteria cause disease, while the remaining 99% perform countless useful functions in our everyday lives. Beneficial bacteria (probiotics) consumed in yoghurt, aid in digestion and together with the thousands of other bacteria which already exist in the gut, keep you healthy by staving off any of the bad (pathogenic) or disease-causing bacteria. So the idea of removing pathogenic bacteria is valid, but not at the expense of good bacteria.

How does Pure Effect use good bacteria?

Imagine a restaurant, if good bacterial flora are introduced and occupy all the tables, then bad and odour-producing bacteria have a hard time taking up space. And while they have organic matter (dirt) to live off, good bacteria will happily stay there. The surfaces in your home are thus kept cleaner and healthier for longer.

Meet The Stars of the Show

One of Pure Effect’s star products is their new generation ‘Clothing & Shoe Mist – which I personally cannot live without! At the end of the day, one’s clothes may not look dirty, but might not smell great. While sweat is mostly made up of water and salt, when bacteria metabolises the sweat, odour is produced. Pure Effect’s lightly perfumed mist is sprayed directly onto the fabric in areas like the armpits where there is a concentration of bad smell and then left for a couple of hours. In so doing, gram-positive bacteria is introduced which compete and replace the gram-negative bacteria, and the result is that the treated area becomes odour neutral – with a light touch of ‘Green Leaves & Cucumber’ fragrance. Your clothes are left feeling clean and smelling fresh, and the time between laundry washes is delayed. There is less wear and tear on the garments’ fibres which means your clothes last longer. And as an added bonus, water has been saved. The mist is suitable on delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere etc. 

Then, take another of their best sellers, ‘All Clean’ which replaces the multitude of chemical cleaning agents in your cupboard and effective on multiple surfaces throughout your home. It contains Bacillus Subtilis or ‘nature’s own cleaner’ which is commonly found in soil bacterium where it specialises in the decomposition of organic matter like leaves on the forest floor. In the case of your home, the biotechnological products don’t simply remove the dirt they encounter, but digest it in order to get rid of it. This sets it aside from the majority of today’s commercial cleaning products which just move the dirt from the surface down the drain. And to boot, many contain harsh chemicals like bleach which can be highly toxic and particularly detrimental to young children, pets and those with breathing issues.

Why Pure Effect Sweden?

This is what drives Pure Effect Sweden: their passion to create a sustainable society where we can all live well on shared resources, while taking the utmost care of the environment and with special consideration of how the land and water are used. Be part of this exciting paradigm shift by visiting our online shop, and sign up for our newsletter to qualify for a 10% discount on your first order

When it is eventually time to do laundry, look out for their ‘Laundry Wash’ – another product based on the power of biotechnology – which is particularly effective at low temperatures (30-40°C). This detergent is suitable for all fabrics, even delicate wool, synthetic sportswear etc. The product is readily biodegradable.

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