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About 3 years ago I decided to stop drinking alcohol. Just had enough.  I was fed up with the hangovers and felt like I wasn’t going anywhere in life. I started a blog and Instagram account about my alcohol-free lifestyle and in 2021 I also started organising Sober Retreats. 

My retreats are aimed at sober (curious) women that like (or need!) a break from day-to-day life, while wanting the possibility to connect with each other. Since sobriety is, either by (lifestyle) choice or necessity, still frowned upon in today’s society, it can feel a bit lonely sometimes to be sober. You might be the ´odd one´ out on social occasions (as we all know most social activities are drenched in booze, from weddings to dinner parties & even playdates…)  On my retreats you are not!


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I organise trips full of sun, yoga, hikes, amazing food, fun activities, relaxation & connection in dreamy accommodations… without the booze! 

On my retreats you will find all the fun, laughter & connection, without any alcohol in the mix. I think that connecting with each other is key, it gives a sense of belonging. 

Meet Your Host

Isabel van Zuilen
I’m Izzy – a Dutch expat, living in Marbella, Spain!
I left my country in 2006 so have been abroad for quite some time. I was born and raised in Amsterdam though. After graduating from the Hogeschool van Economische Studies Amsterdam I worked in casinos, both online and land-based, for most of my adult life. When I was working in Gibraltar I met my lovely husband, B. Fast forward a couple of years and we turned into a family of 3! We became parents of a gorgeous girl. While she was growing up I dipped my toes in the world of Real Estate for a few years but I realised that that wasn’t my calling either. I decided to fully focus on motherhood for a bit.
During that time my curiosity about sobriety grew. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol (I was a binge drinker from the age of 15) and I felt ready to do something about it. So I started a blog! And shortly after my sober account on Instagram. In case you are interested, you can watch a 10-minute interview about my decision not to drink alcohol anymore here –> where I was interviewed by Nicole King for Marbella Now on RTV Marbella TV.
On my blog I tell you all about my exciting journey towards full sobriety. I share tips, experiences, thoughts & personal stories with you that, I hope, will help you in one way or another. Maybe you are on the same path or thinking about heading this way?
I would love to hear from you, any shares, questions and/or ideas, bring them on, let’s do this sobriety thing together…!
Izzy x

Types of Retreats

Sobriety is LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST and it needs to be cherished and celebrated!

Our Retreaters said

Tara (Calgary, Canada)
Tara (Calgary, Canada)
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I had a wonderful experience Izzy, thanks for everything. I really thought that getting right into activities on the first day really helped to get everyone talking and learning about each other. Overall I really enjoyed it.
Lucie, Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Lucie, Birmingham (United Kingdom)
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The setup was idyllic – The place and location were breathtakingly beautiful. Rooms spacious and the beds super comfy. I love the concept ´Sober Retreat´ as it brought likeminded women together. And Bethany's food!!! OMG so good… Best holiday ever!
Martha (Portland - Oregon - United States)
Martha (Portland - Oregon - United States)
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As I write this, I'm looking across the Strait of Gibraltar with the beautiful mountainous coast of Morocco so close I could touch it and there is a symphony of birds chirping and cooing - Don't. Want. To. Leave. The setting, activities, amenities and food all exceeded my expectations. But way beyond that, you provided an experience that allowed me to unplug completely, push myself and feel proud of myself. I wish I could bottle up the experience but I know I will be taking some of it home with me and that I will be back next year. Izzy, you attract great people. Silvia, the yoga instructor, Luke the fitness coach, Leónie the masseuse and Leandre and Ferdinand, the Wim Hof facilitators, were each really beautiful souls and generous with their time and the way they connected with us. And I feel spoiled from the delicious plant-based food, which had so much depth of flavour and was hearty, plentiful and beautifully presented. You struck the perfect balance of providing an experience that felt like a “good for me” retreat with a luxurious vacation. A group of kick-ass international women open to new experiences, a beautiful villa with a stunningly dramatic view (better than the photos), a fun mix of activities to get unplugged and push ourselves a bit, with delicious food, time to read or get a massage and Izzy's fun bubbly personality… Who wouldn't fall in love?!

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