Sober & Happy in Marbs!

Hi there! Yesterday I was interviewed by Nicole King on Marbella Now on RTV Marbella TV – So much fun\ud83d\ude04 We discussed my blog,, and my choice to have an alcohol-free lifestyle here on the Costa del Sol! See the 10 mins interview here –> Interview RTV Marbella


With this interview, I hope to give out some positive vibes about not-drinking. And to make it more “the norm” instead of this “stigmatised choice of life”.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that non-drinkers are still being viewed as weird/suspicious/odd? Or are we/they getting closer to being regarded as being just as normal as drinkers?


I would love to hear your view on this!


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Happy (Sober?) Xmas guys… x Izzy