Sustainable tourism is key

So.. why does arts and culture come under the “environment”.  On 10th December I will be giving my first microteach and, God willing, the output will be on my Patreon account at  We are exploring the idea of a green tourism platform build using technology.  Interesting concept. South Regional College in Newry are fascinated with what I will come up with next!


The experience gained from the North Highland Way project, no, not dead in the water, but suddenly revived at  Finally, we have products we can sell, not just our expertise in community development. Its all linked up through LetsGoExploring… Remember LetsGoNorth meets LetsGoSouth… its even better, starts to make more sense, especially when you read about the Spanish Armada!

Meanwhile, business is booming in Competa and Helen Hares (yes, that charming lady from Villa Andalucia) is about to be invaded by 8 big hairy Irishmen.. – oh yes, and me!  It’s because she is a member of the Competa Business Club, as is Bentomiz Wines. We have been busy getting supplies in for our wine tasting over here in Northern Ireland.