Valeria Savchenko Bio


With 10 years of experience in the Design and Communication industry, working as a Freelancer around the world and onsite in the US, Italy, Australia and Spain, I arrived at the point where I wanted more for myself, as a person, professional and a creator. 

In 2017 I saw potential in a particular niche while living in Australia…reusable coffee cups and I decided to create my own! 

I launched a CERAMIC reusable coffee cup in 2019 on Kickstarter (a crowdfunding campaign) and raised 23.333 AUD dollars in just 30 days. 

Right Before Mr Covid…

I was able to place my cups around Australia in various coffee shops and ECO stores and organize an amazing collaboration with a fashion photographer from NY. 

50 of my cups were part of the ECO box as a Christmas gift and have been shipped to celebrities like Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Amber Valetta, Kat Graham, Oprah Winfrey and others.

Due to Mr Covid, my life was changed completely. I realized that a physical product blocks me in many ways and I started to dig deeper into the online world.

I Moved Back To Spain

I fell in love with the digital world, marketing strategies and online launches.

In the last 2 years, I did many launches, and created a marketing strategy for various experts with small and big audiences (from 3000 followers to 350.000) in different niches, from videography to online schools and education. 

In 2022 a friend of mine and I opened Space to Grow, a digital marketing agency with the mission to navigate small business owners through the online world with confidence, knowledge and results. We believe that the business is the body and your brand is the soul. We help to bring your brand to life, find its inner power and authenticity to stand out from the crowd and level up your business. 

“Online world is a very powerful “blue ocean”, where each of us can find loyal customers and monetize their talents.”

Valeria Savchenko