Working in a grief therapy, people often tell me that they don’t think they will ever get over the loss of their loved ones. Others ask me if they will ever learn to cope?

Grief is the deep emotional impact of significant loss, often felt at different levels, in different situations and at different times. It is a natural response, containing a complex set of emotions and feelings. The feelings of grief are not something to ‘get over’ but rather to learn how to embrace within our lives.

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"Deep sadness is a colour in our lives which can connect us to others and bring a deeper level of compassion and understanding of ourselves and others."

Taking Daily Steps

Being able to move forward in life with our grief takes daily courage as we learn new skills.

In my grief therapy work the aim is to get to a point where we have a sense of ‘bittersweetness’ where our memories bring us comfort and remind us of the powerful experiences that we have had in our lives.

We struggle initially with the idea that grief and happiness can co-exist. Both deep emotions appearing in our lives …often on the same day!

Thankfully my work has shown me time and time again that where love exists ..even as just a memory there is always hope.

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