Wu-Chu Bamboo treatment


Works in minutes !

Frozen shoulder ● Sciatica ● Back pain ●

Tennis elbow ● Old sports injuries ● R.S.I.●


Any soft tissue muscle damage no matter how old!

Amazing new treatment!(NOT A MASSAGE) Only here in Europe !

From Kung Fu traditional practices with thousands of years of success

Presenting WU CHU muscle detox system

The human body has been miraculously healing itself since we were babies soft tissue muscle damage can occur through excessive activity or long periods of sedentary behaviour (excessive for your age or condition) or (sitting or laying couch potato included) causing strain or R.S.I

The treatment will cause muscle to relax properly, the fibres open and release the dried blood from within (which may have been there for years locking the muscle) when this happens elasticity and length returns to the muscle and it simply repairs itself

All oils and products we use are 100% organic


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