We can hold onto a dream of a new life for a long time. Adriana has been carrying an image of her home in Spain with her for many years.  She recently found that home in Mijas.  Read her story.

Why Spain?

I was looking for a sunny place near the see that was similar to the cover of a book I had on my desk for a long time. I found that house in Mijas Spain, where I live now.

And where are you now?

Mijas Pueblo is an inspiring village. White washed houses, welcoming people, vibrant nature and an incredible view on the mediterranean sea.

street, panorama, mijas-2419975.jpg

What was the biggest challenge for your move?

I moved here during COVID. I did not know anybody living here and could not speak spanish. I soon realized Mijas is very international and the beauty of the place and the people make everything easy and possible.

Do you have any advice for Women thinking about making the move?

Come here and talk to people. Depending on what you are looking for this small pueblo can offer so much during the entire year.

How do you spend your days? 

I recharge my batteries in the morning either going to the beach or taking a yoga class at shantiyoga studio or meeting friends or walking in nature.

My afternoon are usually in my studio where I meet clients virtually or in person and create programs to support individuals around the world finding their purpose and inner power.


Something you are grateful for?

I get to work with incredibile individuals around the world from my dream house looking at the sea. Helping women to step into their desired future is so humbling and fullfilling at the same time.

Who would be at your special dinner party?

Lou Ann Dale. She is the coach that 15 years ago changed my life, the reason why I am now doing what I am doing. She showed me a part of myself I had not met yet. That is what I want to do for other women.

What’s your secret weapon or accomplishment?

I can see people wings, and reflect them back to them so they can fly.

Do you have a favourite quote?

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why.

Adriana Caliri

One thing you had to bring to Spain and could never give away?

My family: Marco, Francesca and my three dogs!!!

Do you have a favourite film?

Mamma Mia: I am living into that movie here in Mijas

Something you would tell your younger self?

You are enough. Go and shine. The world needs your light.

Thank you Adriana Caliri where can we find out more?

My website

And lets connect on  instagram: renaissancecec Linkedin: Adriana Caliri


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