Katie Mann Dog Trainer

Costa Women Meet Katie Mann

Moving from the rat race of London to Villafranco de Guadalhorce is Katie Mann. Katie spends her days offering dog training and foster caring as well as projects in her new home. She is loving her life in Spain. Read her story.

Kate Kurdziej

Costa Women meet Kate Kurdziej

Prioritising her health and happiness with a move to Benitachell is Kate Kurdziej.  Kate believes Life’s too short, and the sooner you realise “nothing changes if nothing changes” – the better! Read her story.

X in Provenee Tani Ruiz

Costa Women Meet Tani Ruiz

Developing and maintaining close connections is the most important element in life to Tani Ruiz so a day lived in accordance with these principles is a day that she can celebrate. Read her story.

Natalia Benete

Costa Women Meet Natalia Benete

Originally from Madrid, dreaming Paris and landed in Fuengirola, meet Natalia Benete. Her Spanish journey has brought her to a deeper understanding of healing and how we can connect and make more empowered health decisions.  Read her story.

Costa Women Meet Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there” meet Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir.  She packed 2 suitcases and her beloved Amora and moved to Monda.  She has plenty of wise advice for her younger self too.  Read her story.

Anella Hansen

Costa Women Meet Anella Hansen

The challenges of moving abroad for family left behind is something that Anella Hansen had to navigate.  Now she is busier than ever helping people with ASD.  She also supports her husband in his agency whilst she’s training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Read her story.

Glynis German Mallorca

Costa Women Meet Glynis German

From ska band singer to guiding people during their life changing moments meet Glynis German. Glynis now lives in Mallorca where she founded the Giving Life to Death Festival in 2020.  Read her story.