A dream of being a flamenco dancer brought Asami Ikeda from Japan to Spain! Now having danced with the Gipsy Kings she continues to use her success formula. Watch our interview.

Meet Asami Ikeda – a Japanese flamenco dancer who has recently danced with the Gipsy Kings.
Passion from the heart is in everything she does and when she decided she wanted to dance, she knew flamenco was the right dance for her.  For Asami, it is exotic and mysterious.
Asami and I chat about her love of flamenco and how she ended up living in Marbella.
She believes that her success comes with an awareness that life can be 10% talent + 90% effort = success.  And this has worked for her amazingly where by her continuing to show up and make an effort on Instagram brought her the Gipsy Kings show.
Hear how Asami uses visualisations to stay on target – who she listens to for positivity – what next for this passionate bailaora. 
Asami has her regular performance at Flamenco Marbella on Saturdays in the centre of Marbella. 
She also does private shows for private events.  Such a private event will be the Costa Women Charity Summer Party.  
Asami has recently expanded her portfolio to screen acting too 
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And find out how to take a class to learn Flamenco with her 


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