Meet Elizabeth Wynn, songwriter, creator and builder of her own amazing space!  Read her story.

Why Spain?

Never felt quite at home in the UK, I thought “when I was grown up I would either live in Spain or Italy.”

It took me a while to get here but I made it aged 29! It was the perfect time to come. It feels like home and it felt like coming home when I first arrived, even though I had never been here before!”


And you have created a very unusual home here – tell us more?

The name Eden Whispers comes from the idea that what’s important in life is not the loud voices of the government, the education system, the media… but rather the quiet whispers that come to us from another world, they whisper to us through inspiration, dreams, images, gut feelings, through nature, sunsets, watching the waves hit the shore. Eden’s a world where things were as they were meant to be; unspoilt, untouched, with colour, creativity, nature, growth. We should listen to the whispers! They are what is important.


Eden Whispers is a project which includes creative workshops & retreats, as well as promoting a more simple way of life. Most of my creative workshops are based outside in nature at The Little Wooden House. This is a tiny house on wheels that I built myself to enable me to live the life that I dreamed of; eating healthily from the land and being able to inspire others through creativity. 

I want to help people escape the stresses and pressures of everyday life and become more connected with their creativity. Eden Whispers’ projects offer that little peaceful, safe haven that inspires creativity and an inner journey to find the way back to who you really are.

Your goal is to ‘reconnect with life as it was meant to be, creating beauty, living free.’ have you achieved it? 

I’m on my way! Building my off-grid wooden house was a big way of trying to achieve that. I have always been inspired to create beauty and live as simply as possible. I’d say it’s a constant work in progress. Often the world is trying to get you to live in the opposite way.
Elizabeth Wynn and George Clarke

And your wooden house has received some publicity recently with George from Amazing Spaces

What an amazing experience. I was so humbled to hear that George and his team wanted to feature my house on Amazing Spaces! The team and George came to film one very hot August day .. there was a lot of sweating! I think there were about 5 camera/sound men/producers in my house at once as well as George at some points!  It was so lovely to see their love of my house and to share that with the UK on TV. It was an amazing feeling. 

What would be your advice for someone else thinking about doing something similar?

Go for it! Life is short and whatever you are dreaming off, keep reaching for it, whether that’s baby steps towards it or giant leaps but keep moving! The amazing thing about building your own home is you can create whatever you want and you can put things in places that are good for you. I actually have more storage in my little wooden house than I used to have in my one bed flat that I rented which was about 7 times as big as my house now.

Top tips for de-cluttering

Think about what you use daily. For example, I’d estimate that the average household has 6-10 pans. How many can you fit on the hob at once? Usually 2, maybe 3 if you have a big family and a big hob! So why would you need to store 10 pans? That’s how I try to look at things. I have some things that are just beautiful and I love them and cannot part with them.  Everything else needs to have a function. If I don’t use it in daily life, I don’t need it. I try to recycle as much as possible and if I need something before buying it I think to myself can I make it? If not, can I find it in a charity shop, or second hand market? If not I consider buying it.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Pray! Prayer changes everything. 

Greatest challenge?

That’s a tough one… I’ve had quite a few big challenges! I think it’s a bit of an ongoing challenge to live in a world that so many times I don’t understand!


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My Dad has always, and will always, be my biggest inspiration. He was a fighter, an encourager, a risk taker and so loving to those around him despite battling a horrendous illness for 30 years. His attitude was always to ‘go for it’ and he hardly ever moaned about anything. 


Instagram top tips

You’re asking the wrong person! Technology is not really my thing. I’ve got about 900 followers on Instagram. That’s not that many compared to most people, but I find it an honour that nearly 1000 people have shown a genuine interest in Eden Whispers! I get some absolutely beautiful messages of encouragement and letters saying that my project has inspired people or asking me about the house I built. I find that amazing, that people take the time to tell me. I decided to start an Instagram account when I was building my house 3 years ago to record a bit of a record of the process. I’ve still never done an Instagram Story!!

What next for your Projects?

We are on the look out for a new location for Eden Whispers, where I can grow all the food I need, vegetables, salads, fruits etc. I am looking for another tiny dwelling to do up and live in so that I can rent out the wooden house. It needs to be the most beautiful location and only 20 minutes from the ocean!

Then ‘The Little Wooden House’ could be available to rent. I want to give people the chance to experience living tiny but in a luxurious way. It could be for a mini break or simply to try out living in a 10m2 house.

There will also be 2 of our Escape and Create Retreats happening this year. The first one will be in either June or July (dates coming soon) 4 days of exploring your unique inner creativity, plus lots of lovely people, yummy food and time spent in nature. Sign up!

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Definitely in Andalucia. Spain is my home.


Thank you Elizabeth Wynn! Where can we connect with you and hear your music? 

Eden Whispers Facebook Page

Insta –
Elizabeth Wynn Music Facebook page

‘Waves’ by Elizabeth Wynn available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon


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