Many of us moved to Spain for sunshine, to retire or enjoy a new way of living.

Meet Sally Herdman who moved to escape an abusive relationship

Why Spain?

I chose to move here because I felt safe and everyone was friendly and welcoming. I was desperate to get away from a very abusive relationship and being stalked.


It sounds like you have a few challenges for your move?

Yes,  I was leaving everything behind and managing independently and alone. I had to use every skill I’ve ever learned and started multiple businesses to earn my way.


And what advice would you give to other women thinking about making the move?

We are here to support you. Don’t be afraid to reach out and we’ll be there for you


Where have you found home?

Near Mijas Golf

It’s full of life and energy. It’s a beautiful part of the world.  There’s beaches, shops and of course golf courses.


How do you spend your days?

I have written and published a book ‘Without Prejudice’ in my pen name Trish Valleys.

I empower women to become financially savvy and literate.

I write wills and trusts as the Inheritance Guru for expats in Spain.

I am a property finder and personal property shopper.

I love working networking and am curious to know people.

Wow you are achieving a lot, is there something specific you are especially grateful for?

I appreciate my family and friends and all that I achieve every day.


If you organised a special dinner party, who would you invite?

Nelson Mandela – he was an inspiration and could teach me how to deal with trauma.

Goldie Horne – such a beautiful smile and giggle and she could teach me about the power of laughter.

My son who is emotionally intelligent and who shows me what life can be like and loves me unconditionally.

My daughters and grandchildren who envelop me with love and have taught me so much about what a balanced family life is.


What is your secret weapon?

I believe in myself and trust myself.


Do you have a favourite saying?

Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Makes me feel it’s ok to self care.


What is one thing you had to bring to Spain with you can could never give away?

Memories. They are priceless and never fade and keep me warm every day even when the sun doesn’t shine.


Favourite movie?

Home Alone. my son and I used to watch it together every Christmas.


What is something you would tell your younger self?

Love and respect yourself first and foremost.


Thank you Sally  – where can we find out more?

My websites – or 

My Sally Herdman website


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