Come on an writing to heal adventure with me. Write to heal and then write to heal the world...

Hi, I´m Dale

“As an alchemist who believes that we are always being guided, I know that the inner secrets to transformation come by listening to my heart and letting her guide me to where I need to go.”

I help people to believe in themselves, to love themselves and to find inner peace.

Most of all, I inspire them to know that the healer is within and anything is possible.

I am the founder of The Healing Book Project designed to enable inspirational women and men to share their stories and become published authors.

Author of Writing To Heal and many other journaling and writing books. I support organisations with the Power of Journaling Workshops, tailored to their needs to share how writing can support mental health and wellbeing. As an ex high achieving workaholic, I know the impact of not having the right tools to support my wellbeing.

Writing To Heal has saved my life…
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Come and join me and over 21,000 students taking a variety of courses with me...

You will find courses on:

  • WRITE – How to write and publish a non-fiction book
  • Turn your book into a course
  • Blog your book
  • Kick-start your memoir
  • How to write your life story – turn your story into a memoir
  • Introduction to journaling
  • Writing to heal
  • 21 days of Manifesting Magic
  • Overcoming anxiety


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