5 #Essential Rules To Be A Beach Towel Boss





5 Essential Rules To Be A Beach Towel Boss

Chances are that if you’re planning a holiday this year then a BEACH TOWEL will be among your top 3 summer ‘must haves’.  Next to beachwear your beach towel is one of your coolest accessories whether slung under your arm or tucked into that matching new tote bag.  Your towel says a lot about you!

Use it as a fashion statement or simply for ground-cover, your beach towel will leave it’s mark in the sand. Here’s how to be the PERFECT BEACH TOWEL BOSS and impress with your beach-side manners.

1. Choose your spot. Don’t overcrowd! A useful rule is that if you can smell your neighbour’s suncream then you’re too close. You can’t expect to have a 2m boundary around you ALL day but your coolbox shouldn’t be on top of theirs. Be wise in laying down your prized, luxury and super absorbent cloth.

2. If you’re a Bat and Ball enthusiast or medal winner at Keepie Uppie it’s best to move away from sunbathers when playing. Catching the ball in their teeth will wear thin…… use your own towel to make the goal posts not theirs……

3. Got sand on your towel­? Then whatever you do don’t shake it like a bullfighter but do more of a wiggle with it. If you’re not sure about the right move          then at least shake it downwind. Bad enough chewing through your own ‘GRIT’ sandwiches…..

4. Catching that big wave can be so exciting but a faceful of sand as you go in hot pursuit is annoying. Shaking off your own sand is bad enough so try to be mindful as you scurry past.

5. Treading on your neighbours’ towels is very bad form. Don’t, repeat DON’T do it! Just resting your feet on your pal’s towel could ruin a great friendship…..


Not simply a symbol of Summer, it has great practical value. You can lie on it, sit on it and sleep under it. You can wrap it round you for warmth, wave it around you in an emergency to attract attention AND dry yourself off! You can change under it, make a teepee and use it to clean off your flip flops.

Abide by the above and your beach towel will serve you well, be the BOSS..


And finally in the words of sci fi author Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy) …….DON’T PANIC, USE A TOWEL


Samantha Bayley