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Samantha Morris Doterra
Costa Women Meet ... Samantha Morris
We all faced challenges during the pandemic but what happens if you are not able to leave your place of work?  Read Samantha Morris' story and why she is now an ambassador for mental health awareness for...
Debbie Skyrme
Costa Women Meet ... Debbie Skyrme
What would life be like in rural Spain without internet, mains water, no budget and no English speakers? Read Debbie Skyrme's story.
m_Currencies Direct - Costa Women_4
Pound collapses on bleak BoE economic forecasts
Shifting central bank rate hike expectations have infused the currency market with considerable volatility over the past couple of weeks. During this time, we’ve seen GBP/EUR plunge from €1.19 and €1.16,...
Petra Erving
Costa Women Meet ... Petra Erving
Petra Erving is dreaming Estepona hills whilst planning her move to Spain. However that's not such a big challenge for a woman who has sailed across the Atlantic.  Read her story.
Carolynne Alexander
Costa Women Meet ... Carolynne Alexander
Everything you need is inside you, believes Carolynne Alexander. And she relied entirely on that when she made the solo move to Malaga. Read her story.
Katrina Jones
Costa Women Meet ... Katrina Jones
From her 20s, Katrina Jones has kept believing that Spain is where she needs to be. Now at 60 she is celebrating life and her home in Torrox. Read her story.
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