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Glynis German Mallorca
Costa Women Meet ... Glynis German
From ska band singer to guiding people during their life affirming moments meet Glynis German.  Glynis helps celebrate marriage, birth or an addition to the family and the final journey of a loved one,...
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Pound hits multi-month highs on Omicron optimism and BoE rate hike bets
GBP exchange rates firmed in the first weeks of January as UK Covid optimism and Bank of England (BoE) rate hike bets boosted the pound. GBP/EUR climbed from €1.19 to touch €1.20 – a 23-month high – and...
Positive Affirmations
How to Use Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life
I love affirmations, don’t you?   Positive affirmations are the language of self-talk designed to reprogram your subconscious and boost your vibrational frequency. It might seem strange to do. However,...
Costa Women Meet ... Marja Kanu
Recently moved to Spain from Finland is Marja. She believes that whilst luck may have landed her here, it’s the type of luck that happens when preparation meets opportunity. Read her story. Why Spain?...
An exhibition to visit in the holiday season in Marbella!
Marbella has a number of very fine galleries, some hidden away in Industrial quarter. They surprise all the more because they have great and spacious rooms and present exquisite art. One of these galleries...
Art, Food, Events - a discovery in Marbella
Find out about a special place to go to in Marbella. Its not that new, but a new discovery for me. As I love Food and Art and Events I was so happy to find this gem. Find out more about EL MERCADO...
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