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Connecting Women living in, or moving to Spain

Join us at Costa Women!


Created in 2010, Costa Women is a free community for Women living, or moving to Spain


Spark ideas and share information, receive actionable advice and real life tips for your journey to and around Spain


Make new friends with positive Women. Share common interests. Find jobs, homes and more


Our community offers local social and business events. Grow your business and yourself.

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  • This week, we ran a free webinar about 'Life in Spain' and were joined by various Costa Women Sponsors, Experts and friends to talking about living in Spain.  During the first 30 minutes, our experts answered the questions which you submitted prior to the webinar and then we had ...
  • Tue at 9:54 PM
    Posted by Rachel Smets
    The NEED to be Liked You are a kind person, that's great,but when do you become a people pleaser?The difference between being nice and being a people pleaser IS:THE NEED TO BE LIKED.Why do you need to be liked?Why do you need approval from others?Many people lack self-worth, self-confidence or self...
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  • Latest news from the British Embassy for UK Nationals in the run up to the end of the transition period as at October 2020   Residency information: -          We know that there are still many rumours around that green residency certificates must ...
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