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Created in 2010, Costa Women is a free community for Women living, or moving to Spain


Spark ideas and share information, receive actionable advice and real life tips for your journey to and around Spain


Make new friends with positive Women. Share common interests. Find jobs, homes and more


Our community offers local social and business events. Grow your business and yourself.​

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At Costa Women, we have lots of events either ONLINE or “in-person”. These events are varied with some business and lots of social events. Something to suit everyone.

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Latest Blogs

Costa Women Meet ... Ria Thomas
On a mission to create random fun adventures, aka your Bucket List Bestie, meet Ria Thomas. Ria believes in the power of 'ask, believe, receive'. Read her story.
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Jo Sintes
Jo Sintes (NT.dip, FNTP), a registered nutritional therapist, wellness coach and Zest4Life Association and ageing fabulously!
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Currency Markets Rocked
Trade in the currency market has been erratic through the first half of June following the European Central Bank’s (ECB), Federal Reserve’s and Bank of England’s (BoE) latest interest...
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Costa Women Meet ... Lynne Parkin
With a mission to help women "embrace the menopause not fear it", meet Lynne Parkin.  With a love of all things 'Gone with the Wind' Read her story.
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Costa Women Meet ... Helen Weir
Moving to Spain can throw up all sorts of questions. Helen Weir is Director of Age in Spain which helps address and answer those and help you live your best life here. Read her story...
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Euro strengthened by ECB rate hike bets
The past couple of weeks have seen the Euro broadly strengthen after the European Central Bank (ECB) signalled plans for an imminent interest rate hike.
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