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Are you a business Woman in Spain?  

Would you benefit from practical guidance, enriching connections, and a spark of inspiration?  Costa Women Business Growth Circle gives all of this and more in a vibrant network of empowered women in business

Costa Women Business Growth Circle is an exclusive business networking community that provides international businesswomen with a gateway to empowerment and business success through knowledge sharing, networking and inspiration.

Through networking, events, online resources, and promotional opportunities, members can connect, learn, and grow; benefitting from a wealth of expertise and business connections.

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Costa Women Business Growth Circle is a dynamic space designed specifically for like-minded businesswomen seeking a supportive, informative, inspirational, and motivational environment.

"Where the magic of collaboration, access to networks, knowledge and support awaits you in our business community."

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Join the Costa Women Business V.I.P. Group today and empower yourself with a supportive community, valuable connections, and a wealth of resources to thrive and grow in your business endeavours.

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No. For the business circle we meet online

We host online events at least twice a month.

Yes the annual membership is open all the year through so you can join when its the right time for you and your business

The investment is 199€ plus IVA for one year.  Or you can pay in monthly instalments via Stripe at 19,99€ plus IVA.  


Yes of course, we can issue a factura for your annual, or monthly membership.  You just need to send us your name, address and tax identification number (NIE, CIF etc.)

Yes we do.  Ali believes that we are all unique women so even if we offer a similar product or service as another members, we each offer it in a unique way.  

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