A Message from a Joker…


I had a dream at the beginning of my Awakening, it was quite profound… I saw a pack of cards spread out… and understood how they are all connected and part of a bigger picture. Each experience is to cherish, and allows everyone to experience all life’s facets… that ultimately bring each person, if you’re lucky, to the unfolding truth about who you are and what life is all about.


Nothing more was revealed to me as that was for me to explore along my journey… not even the Joker showed his face back then!


Only now after so many years Awakening, could my Joker self step forward and guide me through final ah ah moments that allow me to be clear and fully perceive the seeds of love that invisibly weave throughout all life, through everything and everyone… especially deeply hidden within our negative wounds that we have carried around since the beginning of time, and allow me to be the Divine, loving and magical being IAM born to be and enact this lifetime.


It was one repeating thought, IAM a failure that kept resurfacing and distracting me from fully embracing and experiencing NewEarth. Enough was enough! I needed some help! I came across David Ian Rogers on my alternative news network who I resonated with and agreed to meet online. David is a 21st century Heyoka (sacred clown or joker) who’s mission it is to free people from their tormented mind… in a very short time!


It was time for me to dismantle this mental aspect; a big belief in lack, which was deeply nestled and entangled with so much more! David guided me to easily unravel and clear many deep wounds in less than 2 hours. Afterwards for about 3 weeks, relaxing with daily mindfulness & release practice, I made Barbara sense of it all and felt my body, mind and spirit come into a beautiful new balance. It goes without saying, I highly recommend this very loving and crazy David to sort you out if necessary!


During these 3 weeks, I was inspired to finish my latest intuitive painting and… yes… my Joker self appeared with a message…

Life is a Game of Cards, be Aware and Play Well\u2764\ufe0f


The longer message is about understanding the Joker’s double role. The Joker plays the fool, distracting folk with laughter, away from them realising the truth of their own invisible connection to All That Is and innate Divine intelligence. The Joker mirrors the embodiment of the light and the dark, right and wrong, good and bad, sharing with us all, the truth one needs to discover and be aware of, when each is ready.



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