Hi I’m Anke Herrmann and I believe business building is a creative process

Hi, I’m Anke Herrmann, business coach & online tech expert, Author of Taming the Tech monster. Originally from Germany, but enjoying the Spanish sun since 2004. Crazy about dogs.

In 2004 I quit my software developer job in London, UK, and moved to Spain to follow my passion and start a sewing business. I threw myself into the adventure with plenty of enthusiasm but no plan and soon found that finding clients consistently was much harder than I thought. 

First I worried that I wouldn’t get my business off the ground before I ran out of money. Once I had enough clients I was heading straight towards burnout. I was hustling like crazy but without a clear direction or strategy, until I realized that the process of building a business is really a creative process – very much the same as creating a dress or building software – a magical mix of skill and intuition, a spiral rather than a straight line.

I managed to turn my sewing business around and decided to pivot again to help others build their business in that very effective way that’s both playful AND methodical. 

Now I bring everything I’ve learned about business, tech, creativity and psychology to help coaches and educators confidently offer their programs online, without losing their sanity over complex tools or mind-numbing admin tasks. 

Passion Business Podcast

The podcast to inspire, empower and support free spirits with a big idea, a project or craft they’re passionate about and want to turn into a business so that they can spend their time and make a living doing meaningful work.

Tune in to hear about a way to build your business that’s fun & creative, systematic and way more effective than following other people's “proven success formulas”.

Listen to ordinary people like you and me share their stories of creating their passion business and see ..

  • it probably takes longer than you thought,
  • it involves plenty of twists and turns,
  • it’s more challenging but also more rewarding than you imagined.

Basically, we’ll crush the “6 figures in 6 weeks following someone’s 6 step proven success formula” myth, one episode at a time. And you’ll see how that’s really good news and that you have what it takes to build YOUR passion business.

Online Tech is just learning a language

In my book Taming the Tech Monster I share how you can find a path through the online tech jungle too.



Taming the Tech Monster

Do you find online tech frustrating?

Have you ever had an idea for a website, an online course, a workshop, a retreat, a podcast, or an entire business but gave up on it because of the online tech involved in making it happen?
Maybe you dreaded even getting started, or maybe you did start but found it was like walking into a jungle – no clear path and predators lurking behind every vine?

What if there was a map to show you the path through the online tech jungle?

Topics I Can Help You With

Now I guide professional coaches and educators through my Clarify-Simplify-Build framework to build their online presence and create, market and deliver the online programs that allow them to serve more clients better, so their big vision doesn't remain just a dream.









Self Improvement


Online Tech




Online Presence

Don't just learn, CREATE! Business Building for Mavericks

This group is for you if you want to turn your passion into a business – a craft, a service or a mission you want to dedicate your time and energy to. It’s for you ..
.. if you’re tired of ..

👉 “6 steps to 6 figures” programs because they either don’t make sense or didn’t work for you
👉 coaches who merely teach the one strategy or tool that has worked for them

If your background is in IT, engineering, science or teaching we’re definitely on the same wave length 🙂 and if you love dogs I already know we’ll get on ..


As a little girl I would watch other kids play the usual stuff kids play and not understand the fun in it. I was happy when I was creating – sewing, knitting, drawing, legos .. whatever, I was fascinated by bringing something into being, turning something into something else, something more beautiful, more useful. The feeling of flow I used to love then is still what makes me tick today.

And I’ve seen that the same creative process also applies to building a business.

Recognizing and embracing the natural phases of the creative process helps you
– navigate the sea of information you might otherwise drown in
– know what to focus on in any given moment
– see failure in a whole new light
– recover from setbacks quickly
– enjoy the path, not just trying to rush to the destination

“Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman

Connect And Flourish

Yes, there is stuff to learn. But you know that’s not enough.
Building a business is like climbing a mountain that hasn’t been climbed before – you can prepare, you can get help, but nobody has a detailed map for you to follow.
You have to head out into the unknown, do things you haven’t done before, without knowing whether they’ll work out. Things might not turn out as planned, on more than one occasion 😜

I invite you to explore, experiment, collaborate, co-create, create, and make it happen – together. I’d love you to join this community to make your journey easier and more fun.

Let’s be guided by inspiration, passion, creativity, love. ❤️

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Share what you’re creating and ask for what you need to make it happen.