Are YOU Allowing YOUR Sovereignty to Shine Through…

IAM honoured and delighted to have been in the presence of new friends recently, who were READY to commit to and celebrate their new role as MasterCreator, New Energy Consciousness Pioneers, Bringers of Light, here to inspire and support Humankind as they choose themselves to quantum leap beyond the limitation and suffering of our old dual world.


We had a real celebration ball in our November Local MasterCreatorClass! And I thought as an added celebration I would bring up a blog post I wrote back in 2013 that reminds us all of the truth, of how we are all ‘Bringers of the Light’. Here to inspire and support each other as we journey beyond, which is by no means comfy or easy, but absolutely necessary if true love, joy and freedom is desired to be experienced.




For as long as I can remember, when I have caught glimpses on television or magazines of royalty, especially the royal family in Holland, England and Princess Grace of Monaco. I have felt overwhelmed and weepy, a powerful thudding around my heart space that I could never understand, but definitely felt and have questioned.


What is this feeling?


Until just this last week, when watching the news and saw the coverage of Kate, William & George, I was so overcome with this grand feeling in my heart. I was overwhelmed and tears filled my eyes. I felt so connected… so part of it all. I admired how this family asserted themselves, how they behaved with others and how people treated them.


There was so much honour, grace, recognition and kindness, smiles of joy on both sides.  It reminded me of last years Olympics and Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee when everyone was celebrating and happy. Years before too when Alexander, the King of Holland found his Maxima, had their family and empowered the whole country with their love and extra-ordinariness. Not to forget Princess Diane getting married in 1981, having her children and even later when she died so tragically. I felt how hearts were opening, connecting with the joy and the sadness and for a moment the whole world is drawn together.


My heart was doing somersaults, opening up completely and a new awareness streaming through my Body Consciousness.  It was the Sovereign, Sacred and Divine part of me that is pure love and joy and connected to the love of our ROYAL Families through all time and space, who was yearning for recognition!


The true meaning of our Royalty is to inspire each heart to recognise their own power, authority, independence and freedom and act this out with great honour and grace.


Unfortunately, up until this point, we have not been so intelligent as Human beings and have only acted out our ‘grand beingness’, having great power and status, by being against or to the detriment of others… making others less!


It is through our Royal families today, being shown glimpses of sovereign care in the way they dress, how they care for themselves, act and honour their own presence that seeds of love are being released, shining through humanness to resonate with hearts… your heart too?


Yes IAM Sovereign… IAM Royal… Are YOU?


Deep down we are all Sovereign, Royal beings and we are all, one heart at a time, awakening to this fact. Remembering that we are indeed, Me, My Magnificent Self… Unique and independent beings who are free to live a powerful life of love and joy, honouring all in all ease and grace.


What are YOU waiting for! Join me in claiming #YourMagnificentSelf.


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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