Are YOU Aware of YOUR Awakening & Ascension Journey…


I haven’t really felt inspired to write much lately about my own continued Awakening and Ascension Journey… mainly because I feel I’ve written and shared it all before. Everything IAM experiencing now, I’ve experienced before, only it’s deeper, clearer and more physical.


Now, with the higher frequencies of comic light pouring down on Earth and the collective, it’s everyone else’s turn to wake up from the hypnosis!


I can’t believe though how many people still don’t realise what’s going on… don’t sense the lies and manipulation played out in the collective now! How bad does it have to get before more hearts resonate or discern the truth and stand up demanding no more?


Observing everything that is happening around the world, I never realised just how much ugliness and evil continues to play out in plain sight… never mind what is going on underground! AND then I remember it goes on until all Humanity chooses how they want to live. To be brave and follow their inner guidance towards living a life of freedom or to follow the crowd into continued enslavement.


As if to confirm my feelings of having written it all before, I came across a 3 year old post this morning that I actually recycled from an earlier 3 year old post about My Awakening and Ascension Journey!


Reading back, I seemed to have been more optimistic about Humanity Awakening and coming together and living in harmony… I hadn’t realised just how hypnotised we all had become and I had forgotten just how numb and robotic an existence I once had too. I also understand better how each person, born Sovereign and free, has the right to experience their life anyway they choose, unconscious or not.


Writing remains my first passion and if I can reach one heart who is inspired to awaken to their own truth… then I will continue to inspire myself to update, twist and transform my writing… this time into a poem.




Awakening and Ascension… Forging My Way Forward 

IAM having fun dressing up
as a beautiful Queen
being proud of my Sovereignty
an authority unto myself
honouring and protecting myself
from the demands of others
who for so very long have
controlled the way I live
limiting my freedom
pathing my way
because I had forgotten
my power, my passion and mission
to remember my MAGNIFICENCE


We are many now
there is indeed more than
we physically perceive
of being a part of source too
god, love or anything
else you like to call
the energy that makes up
each in our own time
and unique way
naturally Awakening
bringing the Human
to the next frequency,
vibration, level of consciousness


We have heard about the few
‘Enlightened’ masters
before us, passing over
as Ascended Masters
who continue to watch over us
AND now it is time for the
Awakened Human
to dare stand up and take
that quantum leap into
Embodied Enlightenment
allowing ourselves to
experience Ascension
right here on the Earth plane
AND beyond


It is time for many
Embodied Ascended Masters
from all across the world
from each community,
region and culture
to anchor in the
new energy consciousness
in their own unique
and magnificent way
playing and working together
co-creating a loving
peaceful and harmonious
right here right now

©Barbara Franken 2021


My passion and mission drives me forward stronger than ever, and I continue to be an example, living my life in each moment, enjoying the simple things in life, being grateful for the natural beauty of our magnificent world, taking care of myself and loved ones and holding my vision of all Humanity awakening and co-creating Heaven of Earth.

I finally finished my children’s book which I recently published… IAM a Sparkle of Love. A true and magical story to inspire our 10+ old children (and adults too) to be their most magnificent selves and live life as a celebration.

IAM imagining all grandparents and parents gifting this book to their grandchildren! Lets spread the love together and I hope you too are inspired to purchase it. Thankyou.



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©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness






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