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  • Spain Buddy's Referendum poll results are in!

    Over the past month, has been polling British citizens that live in Spain, to ascertain which way they would be voting in the upcoming EU Referendum.   Respondents were asked which province they lived in, which method they were using to vote, which way they would be vo...
  • €500 cash prize up for grabs in worldwide travel competition!

    Following on from the successful photography competition in 2015 held by one of Spain’s best known websites,, the owners of the site are running another competition. Last year the winner chosen from hundreds of entries walked away with a €300 travel voucher, this year the prize has be...
  • How are you voting the EU Referendum?

    British citizens in Spain - can you help with our Brexit survey?? Please share in your groups and various social networks too if you can? Thank you!
  • Brand new section for Spain Buddy

    The popular website has added a dedicated property section providing free advertising for private sellers and a cost-effective alternative for agents with multiple properties. Spain February 2016: Since the launch of Spain Buddy in September of 2012 the site has seen a rapid growth i...
  • Spain Buddy gets a brand new look!

    As Spain Buddy approaches its third anniversary on September 01 2015, the website at has been re-launched with a brand new look.   The logo and core branding remains the same, but the website now has more of a magazine layout, drawing it away from the blog format which it had at i...
  • What to do if you're arrested in Spain

    Hopefully this isn't information that any of us will ever need... but you never know! Click HERE for the full article Elle xx
  • New Passport Rules for UK Nationals in Spain

    New rules were announced this week... which affect those of us that live in Spain, but are British Nationals. We no longer apply for our passports via the office in Madrid. Now all applications need to go via Belfast. Press release: 7 May 2013 CHANGE TO PASSPORT SERVICE FOR BRITISH NATIONALS Briti...
  • I'm going to be 110 years old in a minute!

    Well it's Friday! Where has the week gone? Actually... scrap that... where has the year gone? It's May already!! Ooh hang on... where have the last 4 decades gone!? I'm in my 40s now... yet I still remember, clear as day, sitting in a classroom aged ten... thinking how weird it would be to be appro...
  • Win an Amazon Voucher

    Hi everyone - we are looking to build our mailing list - so have a little competition for you. It only runs for a month, so get in quick. Want to win an Amazon Voucher worth £15 / €20? Then clickety click HERE Elle xx