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  • Foodie Escapades around Andalucía - Summer 2021

    This Summer I took two very specific trips to discover more about Andalusian Food and Wine. The first one took me to the town of Montilla in Cordoba. Not only is it famous as capital of Montilla Moriles Wine Region but it also has plenty of other things going for the area. Read more here: &...
  • Good News from Granada, Spain

    Each week I share on my website Good News stories from Granada and its province.  Written and updated in English it shares positive stories from the city of the Alhambra, Costa tropical and entire region of Granada. To see the latest head over to Good News from Granada
  • Andalusia in 2018

        On the Piccavey blog this month we have an Exciting Giveaway. Open to anyone with a UK or European address A great opportunity for those planning to travel in 2018 Enter until Sunday 14th January 2018   Also on the blog read about a Foodie getaway to Huelva. Organic stra...
  • Girl Power Needed - Can you help?

        Hello Costa Women, I hope that you have had a great Christmas Break and are looking forward to a fabulous start to 2017 2016 was a bit ´meh´ and I´m glad its over myself.   Today I´m writing to ask for your help. I have been nominated in a Travel Blo...
  • Any Science or Technology fans among us?

    Hello This month I involved in the launch of Girls in Tech Spain. For anyone involved in STEM disciplines in Spain (Science, Tech, Engineering & Maths) It maybe of interest. Find more information in english about this project here> Launch of GIT Spain As we want to engage as many women i...
  • How long to become Fluent in Spanish?

    Hello and Happy New Year! After living in Spain for 16 years I am often asked how long it took me to get a good level of Spanish. So I have carefully written up lots of my tips and tricks to share with you.  I have also added some of the parts I didn´t like so much and of course a good dose of ane...
  • Giveaway - Charming Small Hotels Spain - Travel guidebook

    If you enjoy travelling around Spain as much as I do you may be interested in this giveaway. On my blog this week I have a competition to win a Charming Small Hotel Guides: Spain The paperback glossy book will be posted to the lucky winner on 19th May. The guide includes charming small...
  • Flamenco in Granada Spain - My Review

    On 13th March 2014 I went out with a group in Granada to the Templo del Flamenco in the lower Albaicín This week I have written a detailed review of my experience their.   Here´s the link If any Costa Women visit Granada, live in Granada or love...
  • Stay Safe when visiting the Alhambra or Granada

      Hi If you are travelling to Granada or visiting the Alhambra palace this article maybe of use to avoid petty thefts and minor incidents.   Enjoy the weekend Molly
  • Pelvic Floor training at home with new iPhone app

    Hi, A friend of mine has developed a new device with an App for iPhone & android for Pelvic Floor training. This month they are running a competition on their Facebook page and you can win a kit This system is called Birdi Pelvic Floor trainer. Find out more about this new product on their Eng...
  • Learning Spanish..... Ok it's taken a while

    and I am still learning... I began Spanish around the age of 11 yrs old and now I am 37... 26 years on I am still learning... but don´t despair. I am now bilingual. The most recent word I have learnt is renacuajo (tadpole)   Here´s a post I have written hope to help people learning Spanish or impro...
  • 48h in Cordoba - My historic city break

      My third and last post about My city break in Stunning Cordoba.   I wanted to discover the city beyond the Mezquita: Have a great week Molly
  • Pretty Patios & the Palacio de Viana - Cordoba

    Pretty Patios & the Palacio de Viana on   My second post about my busy weekend in Cordoba, Spain.   Read full post here:   Saludos y buen fin de semana Molly
  • 10 Mojitos in Spain

    10 different places in Spain to sip a Summer Mojito Now were are getting into the Summer holiday´sI thought I´d do a more fun post on my blog Read full article here: Cheers   Enjoy your Summer!Molly
  • Cordoba - Beautiful Andalusia

    I travelled to Cordoba a few weeks ago On this post I explain the Typical Cordoba food served in restaurants & review six places   If you are thinking of visiting check this ou...
  • Spain - A photo essay

    Spain is certainly a land ful of contrasts Here´s a blog post packed with photos of Spain:   Hope you like it! Have a great weekend Molly
  • A 15 min interview (audio) on Living the dream in Spain

      Hi,   This interview may be interesting particularly for those ´Dreaming Spain´ members I was asked to talk about Life in Spain, speaking Spanish and working abroad.   You can listen online whenever you like: Rgds Molly
  • The basics to plan a visit to Granada or The Alhambra

    I updated this information yesterday and thought I may be of use for anyone travelling to the area over the Summertime   My practical tips to visit the city of Granada or get your hands on Alhambra tickets!   Full post here:   Kind regardsMolly  
  • New Post about Expats Working Abroad in Spain

        I have written this post about Working in Spain as an Expat. I hope you enjoy the read. It is also part of a Writing Contest. Can you spare a ´Like´ or add a quick comment after clicking on this link?   Thanks!    ¿Tienes un momento...
  • Foodie in Spain

    Here´s is yummy round up of Foodie articles I have written The most recent one is How to Eat your way around Spain!   Enjoy!   Molly   P.S have a great week all... the Sun´s finally here
  • 1000 euros for an Easter bonnet!

        Easter in Loja, Granada is celebrated with a slightly different tradition   Read more about it here Hope you enjoyed your Easter break Molly
  • Capitalaciones of Santa Fe - Local festival this April

      Medieval Market & Children activities - This April   My latest blog post: is all about The Capitalaciones of Santa Fe, Granada A Local festival this April which celebrates Columbus journey of 1492   Have a great week Molly
  • Look like a Spanish lady ...what to wear to the Feria or Romeria

      If you are going to the Feria de Abril in Seville, the Crosses of May or to a Romeria some of these tips may help you decide on footwear and what clothes to choose. If you are not going to any of these colourful Andalusian festivals this Spring or Summer I'm sure you'll love the colourful phot...

      I have just reached post ONE HUNDRED. I have been working on my blog for 10 months, writing about Granada and Spain mainly.   To celebrate this milestone I have chosen the most popular 10 posts in this list here. Thanks for reading and for your support ...
  • A guide to Vegetarian Food in Spain

    Vegetarians & Vegans in Spain   Whether you are vegetarian or a healthy eater like me Sometimes Spain can be tricky place to avoid the endless ham, pork and meat on offer! Here is a guide to order non meat dishes in standard restaurants.   Also I include a list of tried and tested places around...
  • Nativity Scenes - Ruta de Belenes

      If you are visiting Granada over the Christmas period (before 7th January) this information may be useful for you. I have added the link for Malaga & Seville in case those are helpful to you area too.   This year´s Ruta de Belenes in Granada - Nativity Scenes
  • Travelling soon? 7 tips for stress free travel

    My latest post is 7 tips for Stress free travel   I´ll be travelling home for Christmas and was thinking about my trip which is how I came up with this post   Full post here:    Hope you find some of them useful   Rgds Molly    
  • Annoying party songs - in Spain & UK

      Hello!   As we are heading quickly towards Christmas I realised that the annoying songs we dance to at office parties and weddings in Spain aren´t the same as back in the UK Here´s my latest post looking at some of the moves and tunes at celebrations...   Enjoy  ...
  • Hollywood Films - Made in Almeria & Granada

      Andalusia is a land of contrasts & Hollywood producers know it too. The number of Films made in Granada and Almeria over the years has dwindled but there is an impressive list Read more here:   Have a fabulous weekend ladies   Molly
  • Activities in Granada this November

    A list of Activities in Granada - November 2012 Jazz festival, exhibitions and foodie evenings. Enjoy! Molly
  • Malaga´s Car Museum

      This Summer I was in Malaga, one of the day´s was really hot and humid. We decided to head indoors to the Automobile Museum. I was surprised to enjoy myself there.   This picture above is of the Mother in Law´s seat at the back of the vehicle She certainly would have had a bumpy ride!   Here´s th...
  • My experience at TBEX Girona (Blogging Conference)

    Hi,   A few weeks ago I attended the Travel bloggers Exchange TBEX Girona Here´s my experience: Have a great weekend Molly
  • Skiing in Spain

    Here´s one of my recent posts about Skiing in Granada, Andalusia Love the snowy photos...   Ski season usually starts 1st November (just 5 weeks to go!)   If you don´t have much time this link is to a mini post (140 words)
  • Speedy Gonzalez - The fastest blogger in Europe

      Hi All! Some of the Costa Women among us have blogs and maybe interested in this competition I took part in yesterday (22nd Sept) at TBEX Girona. I had to write a blog post in 5 mins on a random subject selected by the organisers. Here´s how it went! : Have...
  • The differences between Tapas, Raciones & Montaditos.

        A delicious post! An attempt at defining the differences between Tapas, Raciones & Montaditos.   Read full post: Que Aproveche! Rgds Molly
  • Culture Shock - Moving from a Cosmpolitan City to Rural Andalusia

    Hi Ladies!   Here´s my account of the big move I made from City Centre of Barcelona to a tiny village in Rural Granada some years back.   Have a lovely weekend Molly
  • A traditional Summer drink - ¨Granada Lemonade´

    Granada ¨Lemonade¨ I discovered this drink earlier this Summer and was surprised to find out that it has a 50 year tradition   Get a bottle of white wine and make it yourself. It´s hot out there, for a light evening drink this Summer it´s perfect.
  • Flamenco in Granada´s Sacromonte Caves

    Hi, here´s my latest Blog offering.  The different settings in the city of the Alhambra where you can see authetic Flamenco performances.   Any comments are welcome as always rgds Molly
  • Innovating!!

    Hi Ladies!   My latest post on Granada province in English for the first time also in SPANISH!   Rgds Molly
  • The Valley of Happiness - South of Granada

    The Valley of Lecrin.   An area just South of the city of Granada and quite close to the Tropical Coast. Really popular with Expats. I hadn´t written about this area so far despite me knowing the area really well. This area is pretty much where the Chris Stewart novel Driving over Lemons is set. Rea...
  • A rural stay near to Priego de Cordoba

    Here´s my latest blog post about a trip I made to the area known as the Subbetica Cordobesa. Hope you enjoy the pictures!   Have a great week Molly
  • Need to improve your Spanish

    I´ve written a few simple things that cost nothing and can help you to progress in learning Spanish. Whether you have been here for years or are planning to move out here, these tips should be if help and encouragement to you all Click here :   Hope you ...
  • The Crosses of May - Las Cruces de mayo

    Hello girls!   On May the 3rd in many parts of Andalucia there are festivities of the Crosses of May. The most recommended places are Granada, Cordoba and Almeria for the atmosphere and number of displays.   If you want to read more about this festival please click here:
  • Do you know the Costa Tropical? here´s a quick guide to the area

    Hi,   I had to add this post to the page, if we are Costa Women then I have to share my latest post about COSTA tropical. This is Granada´s coastline, maybe not as bling as Marbella or as sandy as Torremolinos, but great for water sports and a little quieter in the busy Summer months. Click here to ...
  • My new website & latest posts

    Hi,   At the beginning of April I relaunched my blog.   I have been encouraged to take the next step and self host the domain. It isn´t actually as daunting as it sounds.   My latest posts are a Walk around Granada´s Albaicin quarter ...
  • Easter in Andalusia

    Easter processions in Granada, Seville and Malaga are being prepared in the last few days before Holy week Here´s so more information about them:   16%20abril%202011%20Granada%20%288%29.JPG   Enjoy the read   Molly
  • The Earth moves....

    When I moved to Andalucia in early 2006 I was surprised to learn that I was in Earthquake territory. I hadn´t expect that when moving from Barcelona to Granada Read more here:   Rgds Molly
  • A British day out in Granada

    Hi girls!   If you´re missing the U.K, here are some ideas to recreate a completely British day in Granada city centre. Hope you like the tips.   Read full article here:   Have a great day Molly
  • Being a good host in Andalucia! promote where you live

      Hi   I have participated in an online competition to promote Andalucia , and in my case Granada & Cordoba   If you would like to vote for my Granada Door please click here   you need to LIKE the application and the enter to vote   he...
  • Vegetarian in Andalusia? Here´s a few tips:

    If you´re vegetarian or someone comes to stay with you who is vegetarian here´s some information about traditional Spanish food that they can choose when eating out.   See the full article at:   Hope you find it useful   Rgds Molly
  • A couple of book recommendations

    Over Christmas I had the absolute luxury of reading two books.   Both relate with Spain and both amazing stories of strong women striving against the odds. Here they are:   Passion India by Javier Moro, this is about a Spanish girl from Malaga who is swept off her feet by an Indian Raj.  This story...
  • Want to know more about Granada? Read on...

    Hi,   here´s is my latest blog post, an A-Z list on interesting things in Granada. Some are well known must see places and others anecdoctal or personal favourites   Hope you enjoy the read:   If you are a Costa Women in Granada province hope...
  • Looking for inspiration to begin your Christmas Gift shopping

    Hopefully this blog post will inspire you to begin your Christmas shopping before the last minute rush. This week I focus on gifts for Him and for Her, it may even help you with your own letter to Santa.   Enjoy reading:   My previous post was about presents for the children and...
  • Some tips to get prepared for Christmas

    Hi, As I´ve been living away from home since 1998, I am now used to being well prepared for Christmas so that when I begin to travel around 22-23rd Dec I can enjoy myself and not be worrying about last minute presents or overweight luggage   My normal Christmas circuit is Granada - Malaga - Nottingh...
  • Quince, Pomegranates & Chirimoya - Local Seasonal Fruit

    Autumn is a wonderful season in Spain for fruit. We have our old favourites, beautiful Decano Pears, juicy yellow and deep purple plums, but in Andalusia in Autumn some new local fruits come onto the scene.   Do you know what to do with them?   Here´s my latest blog post, maybe you´ll try something ...
  • Community meetings at your Spanish property

    Many foreigners purchase property in Spain. Some live abroad full time, I am one of them and others are part time, perhaps escaping the winter months.  Whereas once the foreign areas were fairly separate from the Spanish neighbourhoods, over the last 10 year I´ve noticed that the trends have changed...
  • Expat Survival Guide

    Hi,   After being away from Nottingham since 1998 I have learnt different ways to do British things whilst being in Spain. On this blog post I share some ideas that my be useful to other expats.   Blog post: Expat Survival Guide   Hope you enjoy the read!   Best wishes from Granada Molly
  • Fancy a cuppa? by Molly S.P

      HI!   Here´s my latest blog post.    Get the Kettle on (Molly´s Playground)   A few observations about living away from so long and why I don´t ask for friends to bring things to me when they visit the UK.   I´m based in Granada but from Nottingham originally. Have also written a guest post for Fa...