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  • Watermusic

    Watermusic   A flame of surprise kindled in my heart by music, music , all night as I lie Chopin in the wilderness Dreamscapes before my eyes Building crescendos Diminuendos Surprise, don`t ask too many whys Crashing chords Splurge consciousness Through waves of paint, silver noise ...
  • Respuesta

    Respuesta   Espana clamours at me In its warmth, and dazzle, and power I listen , bemused. -  half catch my breath As cadences descend like jewels in a waterfall   With a clatter of smiles and welcomes 'Hola ! Señora......' And in a soft stillness waiting For my hesit...
  • La Japonesa

    La Japonesa   Inward eyes  -  tranquillity A barca floats, the river running Not still but deep Oh river running The timeless peace is monumental This lady`s face is transcendental Speaking wordless, worlds in silence River running, river running The icon so, some graven ima...
  • All the Rest

    All the Rest   I would like to rest in the shadow of your smile I would like to go along the road a bit and lean on your arm for the last mile or so   for a little while and take the time to hear the music of the years tumble past my ears   I would like to rest for a spa...
  • looking for contacts near Girona

    Hello   I`m looking for contacts oin the Girona area, to meet for chats and coffee, if anyone would like to meet up? I am retired and l live in Lloret de Mar. Would like to share experoiences of language learning - Espanol. Teresa