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  • Diary of a Pandemic Traveller

    On the 26th May I braved the conditions to travel to the UK and back on the 2nd June - this is a blog of my experience
  • Menopause ad Weightloss

    Hi! Im 54 and going through the Menopause. I think I was conscious of it in my early 40s, and whilst many would like it over and done fast, to be honest its just another part of our amazing bodies journey. For those of you who don’t know me, I have monitored my body and how it reacts with reg...
  • Self Discipline

    Isn’t easy. Working for yourself has so many positives, and most people only concentrate on that. Which is good. But then they forget, or omit, the less than positive side. The discipline needed. It’s a skill one learns and instills. Not everyone automatically has it. I myself ...