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  • How can self-compassion transform your life

    Happy Monday!   It brings me great joy to share with you 2 success stories that show how 2 amazing people disconnected from themselves have managed to walk on the path of recovery with care and self-compassion.   Enjoy:
  • How to preserve wellbeing in our fast changing world

    I am very passionate about wellbeing. So passionate that I spent 15 years studying the human mind in universities and close to 2 decades working with people in a very intimate space. There's been many learnings on this journey and I would love to share some of them with you. I have written an...
  • Letting go of fear as a parent

    Children learn very early on in life to live under pressure. They have to behave, learn fast, know the right answer, be the best, win, never fail, in other words they have to be perfect children. School, as well as families believe that they will nurture great qualities in children and wi...