Books, Books and more Books!!!!!

Me and my boyfriend have definitely got the writing bug!!! Over the past 6 months we´ve self published 6 books on Amazon.  He has done 2 and I have done 4, currently writing my 5th.  I also helped edit his as I studied secretarial in college and part of that was proof reading so I´m often picking up on mistakes when I´m reading books, leaflets etc!!  

His are as follows: a language book and last week he published a self help book.  I read this as I edited it and I was super impressed (and I´m not just being biased) it is all about balancing your life and being happy.  It will help you sort your life out, get focused, stop wasting time on silly projects and make more money.  I loved reading it!!  You can find both books by clicking here.  (it will take you to but they are available in all countries, there is usually a link from to whichever country you are in – I say usually because we all know how temperamental computers are!!! Alternatively search title or author from your amazon in your country)  Here is the covers:


My first book is called get up and start walking.  Its all about getting yourself out of a rut.  Getting motivated about life again.  There is one chapter to build self-esteem, create a vision board, let go of the past, plus more and at the end there is a 21 day challenge where you have to commit to at least 5 minutes exercise each day, telling yourself positive affirmations everyday and just writing down your feelings everyday!! 

The next one is a short poem book with 20 poems that I wrote growing up.  I thought perhaps some people may be able to relate to them.

The next one is called get up and start a business.  All about getting your business set up.  How to create your brand, network, stay motivated and more.  There is also a place at the back to write notes if you want to brainstorm.  

Lastly is a short story I wrote years ago when doing a novel writing course.  It is about a girl named Brooke who is trying to become a singer, be successful in love while trying to escape from the past.  (I would say this book is more aimed at young adults with the setting).

The book I am currently working on is all about building self esteem.  While writing my first book I realised there was a lot to cover on the subject and felt it needed its own book.  So I´ll let you know when that is finished!!

Here is a link to see all my books (again to but available worldwide)  Here are the covers (they are available on kindle and paperback too):

Thanks for reading and if you have a book waiting inside you then start writing – a year from now you will wish you started today!!!