Breathing the Conscious Breath…

Welcome to this quiet and sacred space, just to relax, to breathe that conscious breath. I’ve decided to copy you all the text to my latest Facebook live video for you to either read or/and listen to here. I know for sure it will resonate with your Divine self within. Enjoy this coming quiet time with YOU. Allow it to be a time to prepare yourself to fully embrace all your fears and expand into the New Energy Consciousness that is now here and embrace and live a life of unity, magic and freedom.


At this time of world wide isolation, you can allow being alone to be a great opportunity to be in silence with yourself and become conscious of your best friend, your Divine self who is waiting for you to reunite, to get to know her/him, to play and laugh with and to know what to do next.


I invite you to join me, to take that deep and gentle breath. Pushing that tummy out. It’s not too often we get the chance to be quiet and be with each other. There is so much tension around now. We’re all feeling it, so bring your body, mind and spirit altogether in one harmonious alignment. Not staying up in the mind, but bringing your alignment down into the core of you. 


Focus on your tummy rising as you breathe in and out. AND most gently. It’s not something you force, but allow yourself to breathe one whole rhythm… allowing your tummy and chest to breath in and out together. Allowing your breath to become so naturally conscious. Allowing you to feel the energy you’re drawing in. Feeding you. Feeding you with oxygen and the crystalline atoms that is especially to feed your light body that is coming fully onboard, lit up now. 


I always use the figure of 8 to follow the breath going up to the cosmos and back down through the core of you back down to mother earth and back. This makes sure you’re in this beautiful flow, feeling you, moving energy. Pay attention to the tension and let it out purposely… gone. 


Now imagine in the core of you there is a portal at the bottom of your tummy button. Like a spiral going down. This is your entry/exit point of all of you. Your entry/exit point to other dimensions. Now just imagine for a minute an energy within this spiral rising up, a bit like a cleansing water and breathe through your figure of 8, cleansing all of you. 


Feel now how all your cells in your body and mind are absolutely dancing in delight, swimming in these waters, these energetic waters of you. You could imagine, feel this as the essence, your true essence, your natural essence of joy, love and peace. Allow yourself to feel it flowing through you.


So slowly, absolutely soaking all of you, nourishing you, loving you from inside out. You can also imagine each organ, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the stomach, all having this same entry/exit portal within them and feel this rising of energetic waters, the essence of you flowing into your organs, truly giving them a big clean up, a cleanse nourishing them. 


As they flow out of you… yes… feel much cleaner, all the debris, the physical and the non-physical, everything that no longer serves you. I can name some things like inflammation, virus, anything that is not good for you, allow it to flow with your breathe through you and out, back to where it ever came from. You see, everything that is not yours, you can breathe out through your breath. To breathe mean to move energy. 


The secret is of course to consciously breathe every moment of all time. So that you are always conscious and free of anything that could ever harm you and all you have within is this essence of love that you are. You can in this moment sit quietly and feel the essence of love you are. Body, Mind & Spirit. All together serving you. Feel it as it moves through each body part and out through your crown into the cosmos and back down through your feet to mother earth and back.


So this love you are is partly from mother earth and the cosmos. Do you feel your body nicely vibrating with pure love? Pure goodness. AND it is this essence of love that when you focus on some part of your body that is hurting you, you can begin healing this part. The heart especially, needs so much love, the human has gone through so much suffering, so much injustice and imbalance. So just for a moment, breathe backwards and forwards through your heart giving it some extra attention, truly feeling your energy, your love, expanding your heart and breaking down these walls we’ve built up, these walls of protection. 


It’s time now to trust that our natural state of being is going to take care of us.

In the coming times with this virus you can see that it is going to get worse before it gets better. It will get better! AND love is going to protect you. Remember, fear, to be afraid, that feeling, will shut down your immune system and when your immune system is shut down in protection mode, it cannot grow, it cannot thrive and you make yourself vulnerable. When we’re that vulnerable when it comes to illness, disease, through these negative emotions we trigger ourselves, we trigger this virus within.


So it’s not as if we have to go out and be with somebody to catch it! Why do you think some people don’t understand where they’ve got it from, it just happens. It’s like a cancer, it just happens. Illness just happens. It’s because your body and mind is probably not in harmony with spirit, with love and is only running in protection mode, with emotions and this triggers whatever you’re afraid of in that moment, so let’s say the virus. 


Now having said this it is always good to wash your hands, especially vulnerable people when with people who have colds, cause you/they can get phenomena. Be thoughtful where you sneeze and cough and even where you spit! It’s about caring for one another all the time, doing this always.


To ensure that you don’t go through this experience, is to make sure you don’t trigger it yourself by keeping your body, mind & spirit in the growing stage. Not allowing it to shut down. It’s about finding that breath, flowing through you, loving yourself so much. Knowing love heals all. This heart of yours, it is so raw. It is so damaged. But love will heal it. The magic and miracles can happen. You are that powerful. 


There is so much tension within because out there is so much fear. I tuned into the virus last night so I thought it would be a good idea for you to tune into the virus too. Just feel it without fear and even if you’re a little bit afraid, feel that fear. The fear of vulnerability, the fear of illness, suffering, even dying. Just feel it, be with it. I really suggest for the next 5 minutes you just focus on feeling the fear of the virus. 


Love the fear, smile at the fear. What colours do you see? And what happens when you allow love to meet fear?  


Breathe out the tension, let it go. It’s all energetic. Maybe allow yourself later to write down what it is you fear. Fear has to be faced, not to do anything about it, but look it right in the eyes. No fear. Just allow love to shatter it, like an exploding star that you are and trust you have put yourself in the most perfect space and experience. It means you can handle everything.


I really hope you can feel your whole body trilling, cause mine is completely vibrating. It is this vibration you create just by consciously breathing and moving energy that raises your vibration from fear to love. Nothing can ever hurt you. It’s just impossible. You might have the potential to experience everything but it is not who you are and consciousness, conscious awareness can overwrite everything. Energy serves you. Allow it to serve you. Allow yourself to enjoy life, yes even in this time. 


My daughter who lives in Mallorca has just been to the supermarket with hardly any food. This is fear. The food distribution is bound to be touched, so keep a little stock of things, make food last a little longer, take smaller potions. You don’t need so much anyway.  


For me this virus is about bringing everyone through isolation, to be with themselves. When you are quiet on your own, it is such a great opportunity to feel you, to get to know you, to get to know your answers and truly know that everything is fine. 


Remember the conscious breath, let it out and let it in. Let love in let fear out. Cleanse your body, a couple or three times a day, from the portals within you, it’s really helpful. Water is good to keep drinking a little and slowly too. To make sure you don’t dry out. It’s important to keep the flow going. The flow of water and the flow of breath. 


So as the law of attraction says, what you focus on it will serve you, it will come into your experience. So don’t pay too much attention to all the media and people now, as fear is rising. Be an example of no fear, being quiet, breathing, allowing your essence of love to heal you. 


Know how to kill the virus, how not to trigger it, by keeping your body in growth mode. High vibration, joyful, sing a song, put on music and listen, sound is wonderful. Yes when you feel the fear, it can be real. Face it, feel it, breath into it, there really is nothing to be afraid of. That heart, breath into the heart, it needs so much love and healing, so broken. It’s going to probably take a little time, but allow divinity to do the healing, the human only has to breath and allow and focus on being happy. 


So let’s allow our love to expand from the heart, to as big as the room, to as big as the country you’re in, to as big as the globe so that we can radiate our love, our light to everyone. For everyone to feel the love, the fearlessness. You can imagine others all turning around saying ‘oh  what’s this feeling!’ as we omit our love our light, this high vibration that helps Earth now flow through this virus, through this happening… because it is happening… in the shortest and least hurtful time.


Bringing your energy back to you, focusing back onto your tummy, watching your tummy and chest rise and fall as you breathe the conscious breath, just knowing everything is most perfect.


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