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From the experiences of thousands of Costa Women members moving to Spain, we found that research is the key to success.  Costa Women believe that people moving here should be given every opportunity to succeed and warned where they could go wrong.  We found the experts and asked the questions in a series of 35+ video interviews.   We added real-life stories about living in Spain, linked useful books and information, and answered the questions about...

  • What do you need to know?
  • What did others find out?
  • How is Spain different?
  • How can you save money?
  • What do the ‘locals’ know?
  • What should be avoided?
  • Why minimise the risk?
  • How do you integrate?
  • How do you get free advice?
  • What are the common pitfalls?
  • Who would you ask?
  • What should you ask them?


You can save on travel costs and research time with these value-packed conversations to learn from, stories to inspire you and links to guide you.

Powerful Inside Knowledge for People Moving to Spain

  • buying a property
  • the school system
  • Spanish residency
  • doing business in Spain
  • retirement planning
  • renting property
  • property surveys
  • legal advice
  • social life
  • building a home
  • learning Spanish
  • healthcare
  • taxation
  • where to live
  • … and much more

Meet The Spain Experts and find out how to make the ideal and informed move to Spain