Costa Women 2020 Planner & Diary


If you are a paper addict like me, you will be excited to hear that we have our second Costa Women Planner ready for 2020. The planner will help you plan, organise and make a commitment to create your best year ever.  Amazing years don’t just happen by chance; we are the ones who need to work to ‘make it happen’.

The Planner contains some major upgrades on last year’s edition, including a new diary design, improved paper, loads more tools and useful ideas to help you roar into the twenties!

In the Planner pages, I have shared some rituals that work for me and will help moving your vision and dream to a clear map and plan for the future so you can create it.


The Costa Women 2020 Planner is available for just 24,95€ (including IVA, plus postage) (pre-print offer has now expired)

Order your ‘limited edition’ 2020 planner now and let’s make 2020 happen together.  Email:


To find out more about the Planner and the 2020 improvements read on…


The Story of this Planner


Over the years, I have indulged sampling different diaries, planners and journals from small slim Letts style, through the filofax range and onto one that was bigger than my handbag!  I love paper products. At the end of 2017, with my creative juices flowing, I decided that I needed to create a planner that was more personal and ticked more of the boxes for what I actually wanted and needed. And I decided to share it!


We live in such a digital age and I am known for my love of Social Media so why do I want to use paper and pens?  For me, to write things down; thoughts, ideas, goals, dreams, things I am grateful for, plans, experiences – these all brings an excitement about how I will be filling my days.  Writing by hand connects your brain and thoughts to the words you are writing making it a powerful process.  


I consider every single day to be the single most important day in the history to forever, so far.


2019 was my first exciting foray into creating Planners. It was such fun being able to make and use something and I loved your feedback. The Planner is going to include some of the things I have learnt and use as well as ideas the Planners found worked for them. 


The Planner


The Costa Women 2020 Planner has been designed by the female, solopreneur / small business owner in mind; the woman who wants some daily positivity as well as some time saving tips, inspiration and advice.  It’s contains simple, effective tools to empower you to take charge of your life and we have a Facebook group to keep you on target. The planner has been created to connect, inspired, enable and support you in your journey.




What’s inside?

(sample pages) 






A5 – spiral bound (we have upgraded the paper and the cover so it’s easier to write on and more durable for carrying around). 

Recycled paper 120g that can be coloured and written on.

Cover 350g plastified – (last year was 250g)



With over 240 pages there are sheets for:-

Year to view layouts (2020/2021)

Increased size for 2020 for your week-to-view including planning layouts with space for:-

  • to do list
  • positive quote
  • things you are grateful for
  • your achievements



Included are some signifiers (bullets) that you can include to make your week planning easier (we do love learning new ways to see our week).


Each month has a theme and contains Planning tools:-

  • The One Big thing you will achieve
  • Commitment to how you are working towards your goals *new
  • Social Media Ideas and call to action *revised from 2019
  • Your monthly financial goals and achievements *new
  • End of Month Evaluation
  • Space for journaling


There are also pages for:-

  • Learning from 2019
  • Grateful for from 2019
  • Balance wheel – where you are now and where you want to be
  • I am ready to make 2020 my year (Goals area)
  • Word for 2020
  • My secret wish *new
  • In 2020 I will…
  • Network Exercise / Sphere of Influence
  • Annual Social Media Exercise
  • Yearly evaluation
  • Parked Ideas
  • 50 Things to do in 2021
  • 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Woman
  • Mood Tracker
  • Books to read
  • My Favourite Affirmations *new


And for the creative there are 4 colouring pages too designed by Sarah Houldcroft of Goldcrest Books


And a Facebook Group

And that’s not all!  You will also get free access to a Facebook group that will be an extension of the planner which brings it to life and gives you a place to share experiences, tips and tricks as well as some extra bonuses including online events with ‘experts’ talking about the planner’s theme for the month.


If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” – Anthony Robbins


The limited edition A5 planner is available to order for 19,95€ including IVA and plus postage before 16 October.

Once they are sold out, they are gone!  

Email to reserve your limited edition copy.


The price will increase to 24,95€ from 17th October.

I’m super excited about the prospect of 2020 (our 10th anniversary year!) and hope you are too!


Ali x