Creating Part III of A Selection of True Awakening Experiences

Barbara Franken SoulArt Celebration


This is an invitation to all my Divine friends, old and new to join me in co-creating Part III of our Awakening/Ascension Journeys. If you know of friends who would like to join this challenge… please share this post.


Life is taking us all inward to listen to the next steps on our unique Ascension journey… as we all prepare to join in the greatest celebration ever to take place on Earth… celebrating Unity, Love, Joy, Peace and so much more together.


As the frequency of light vibrates higher and higher we can sense Humankind Awakening on a grand scale now and I know for sure they will be ever-grateful for stumbling upon our true Awakening/Ascension experiences… to help them understand What’s Going On and be able to transform more easily and gracefully.


We find ourselves 4 and 2 years later… since we created and published Part I and Part II of our selection of Awakening Journeys… and I believe now is a great time to write about where we find ourselves now on this long journey of Ascension… sharing tips and tools for everlasting joy.


Please let me know the date you’d like to write for this October challenge so we can all keep track of our ever-expanding Awakening stories as they appear. Please feel free to either write about your Initial Awakening Journey as a new friend or where you find yourself now on your Ascension Journey… experiences etc as someone who has written before about your journey.


What to do
There is no limit to the words you write for this challenge, just publish your writing about your Awakening/Ascension Journey on your own website, on the date you give me, with the title A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III and link back to this post. You could mention the next person who writes at the bottom of your post too.


Thankyou so much.


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Dace – Mywaytotruth
Aleya – Alohaleya
Linda – Litebeing
Joseph- Seeingthewhisper


So looking forward to this new challenge and filling up the dates in October.


Below you can find Part I and Part II of our Selection of True Awakening Stores, please feel free to copy them onto your own website for your readers to freely download.


A Selection of True Awakening Experience Part I (Please click on picture to download free e-book)


A Selection of True Awakening Experience Part II (Please click on picture to download free e-book)


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