Feeling the Earth’s Heartbeat Rising in Vibration…


Each step I make IAM conscious of radiating my love down on Mother Earth, being grateful for her support and for nurturing me like a great wise mother does, receiving her love as I breathe to her harmonious rhythm pulsating through me and all life.


I’ve not always felt her heartbeat, it is a deep hum in the background of my life, similar to a mother singing to her child, keeping her well and safe. I became conscious of it during my journey into the depths of myself living in Mazarron in Spain, as my Human surrendered more to my fears and pains of duality and untruths of not being good enough, unworthy, poor me etc.


I’ve been writing for years about the Great Shift of Consciousness… sharing my own experience Awakening, Integrating and Embodied Ascension or Enlightenment of how massive amounts of light are pulsating down onto Mother Earth and Humanity from the cosmos and beyond… with only one thing in mind! To expand our consciousness and CHANGE our biology makeup… rebooting Humanity in a new way back to our natural state of being pure light consciousness. Ready for a second incarnation (without having to physical die… only dying to the Human game or ego) and experience a new adventure right here on the Earth plane.


I’ve enjoyed reading and researching a wide range of scientific, philosophic and spiritual information… sensing what resonated with my knowing and I continue to enjoy how quantum physics and new information is now coming into mass conscious-ness… confirming what I have written before.


Back in 1952 a Professor Schumman recognised the Earth’s hum as a 7,83 hz electromagnetic pulse or sound wave and it’s been known as the Schumman Resondance ever since. I’ve enjoyed observing how the Earth’s harmonic beingness has slowly risen over the years, as she opens her heart wider and wider to receive the down pouring of light and feed the light through to all her creatures on Earth.


You can imagine a mothers electromagnetic pulse embracing her children, making sure her happiness transfers to her young, she makes sure their hearts are opened wide… to receive the love… ensuring their strength and dependance for their journey ahead as sovereign and self sustained beings of enormous power and magnificence.


During the Dec equinox of 2018 I felt Mothers heartbeat rise and go through the roof… my heart took a massive pulse, opening like never before, allowing me to perceive more of the big picture. My husband Tom began to feel unpleasant symptoms with his (old heart condition) that landed us in the emergency room in the New Year. We are still playing the waiting game to discover what they say has physically happened AND in the mean time we both practice a heart opening exercise and receive our highest light and potential to live a most loving and harmonious life.


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The Rising of the Schumman Resonance


2014 levels of 15-25 hz

Jan 2017 levels of 36 hz

Dec 2018 levels over 40 hz

2019 to levels over 60 hz

AND April 5th 2019 reached 96hz!


Early May Earth’s heartbeat took another leap up through 60-70-80-90 to 96hz… and we, as electro-magnetic beings felt this too in some way as our hearts were opened wider to receive more extreme light and as Lisa Trancendence Brown says… we are going higher and higher… woo… expanding the love… take care of yourselves!


So now you know why you have and are feeling tired, out of control, having extreme mental, emotional and physical pain. You are going through a great Ascension process, naturally expanding consciousness, releasing all your yesterdays of conditioning and allowing Divinity, the light body to fully come into your physical body/mind and change your biology from a carbon based to one of crystalline.


Nobody is being left untouched and the more unconscious you are, the more darkness and fear you hold… the more unwell you will feel.


So when you read my writing about what on Earth is going on! You now have more proof, so to speak, about how we are naturally changing and preparing for a new adventure beyond everything known.


And listen more careful, understanding my message of how it’s time to love yourself first and fully, to take Quiet Me-Time and relax, step out of the Human Game and allow this natural process to take over and lead you into new pastures.


The only way to get through this time in all ease and grace is to surrender completely to the Divine part of you, to listen to your heart and intuition and step further in each moment trusting it is your way.


I copied below an old linear scheme of hertz sound waves, showing how the different waves help our body relax, live and evolve. You can notice the Gamma Waves go beyond 40 hz, to increase perception and learning new ways of being.


The Gamma Waves are now becoming our new relaxed way of being… as we continue to climb higher and higher as loving vibration… there is no going back, the celebration has truly begun and we are quite literally dancing lightly like the birds as our body consciousness, body, mind & spirit holds more and more light.


Delta Waves… 0-4 hz
Deep Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Regulates unconscious body functions (heartbeat, digestion, etc)

Theta Waves… 4-8 hz
Restorative sleep, Intuitive, Natural, Creative, Emotional connection

Alpha Waves… 8-12 hz
Calming, Relaxation

Beta Waves… 12-40 hz
Conscious thought, Logical thinking & Focus

Gamma Waves… 40-100 hz
Increases perception, learning new material & information processing


I have copied a couple of links I find interesting… for you to read more fully and follow the heartbeat too.



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