Finding The Perfect Outdoor Backpack For Your Outdoor Needs

Written by Maggie Hammond

When purchasing outdoor backpacks, wet weather is always among the top considerations and how well the backpack will hold is always a concern. Your bags durability could be a difference in whether your safety matches stay dry or your electronics get soaked in a bad weather. This article will guide you on the different waterproof-levels of backpacks and which level you need for your activities. 


Water Resistant Backpacks


Water resistant backpacks do not really mean waterproof backpacks. They are made with durable materials such as nylon, cordura or very strong polyester. Water resistant backpacks will keep your belongings safe and dry if you are using them in light showers and cycling through intermittent rain. The only thing water resistant backpacks are good for is to keep water from penetrating through minimal rainfall but if subjected  to rain for a considerable amount of time, then water will definitely soak through. 


There is a wide range of water resistant backpacks in the market and you can read the review of some of the best here and easily find one that suits your needs. These make very good everyday backpacks as they are designed with all round durability. 


Water Repellant Backpacks


Water repellant backpacks are great if you hike or cycle in persistent rain or spend a lot of time in the elements. As long as you do not submerge your backpack in water, your belongings will stay dry, regardless of how much it rains. Even if your backpack fell in water but you are quick enough to pick it up, it should be able to hold up. When purchasing one of these, the construction material should be the first thing you consider. They are usually made of burly fabrics containing polyurethane or coated with durable water repellency treatment then laminated with TPU. They also come with waterproof zippers as well as tape seams and you can always waterproof your belongings to stay on the safe side.


The 100% Waterproof Backpacks


For several activities like rafting, you should consider purchasing a 100% waterproof backpack. If you also do long distance cycling or camping then you will probably need the extra protecting this backpack will offer. 100% waterproof backpacks float on water and do not let it in even when submerged inside. They are designed with airtight roll-top closures to ensure that they do not let even a drop of water inside. 



Now that you know there are different levels of waterproof backpacks, you cannot just buy any backpack that says waterproof. The one you get will highly depend on your needs and activities. If you commute by bike through rain then consider what level of waterproofing you need and purchase a bag that will suit those needs. If you hike and camp a lot, you will probably need all your belongings to stay safe and dry at all times so a 100% waterproof backpack will come in handy. Regardless of which oneyou choose, ensure that all other features and construction material work to your favor as well.