Getting ready for the new term

I can’t believe it, but somehow the long summer holidays are nearly over and term is beginning in state primary schools on the 12th of September! This final 12 days is always the worst bit for us, as summer school ends, work picks up and some how you have to juggle a bored kid and loads of clients. This year I have recruited the Grandparents, so it should be better!


Because my mind is focussed on getting my son ready for school, I wanted to share some tips on things to do for the next 12 days to make sure you’re all ready! 


• Buy the books and materials on the lists which will go up outside the Spanish schools from the beginning of the month. If you don’t see the list and want to get ahead of the game, pop into the bookshops near the school, they are often informed ahead of time. Last year, we waited for the school meeting, but then couldn’t get hold of the books for nearly a month, as everyone had ordered them already, so learn from my mistake! 

• Check the school bags, shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles, uniform etc and see if new ones are required. There are some great back to school offers at the moment in the shops. 

• Get your kids’ eyes tested to make sure they are up to the rigours of school and will not set your kids back. Specsavers are offering free back to school eye tests in Marbella and Fuengirola so it won’t cost you a penny and have put together lots of useful information about caring about your eyes, here 

• Take children to the dentist to make sure all those sweets, fizzy drinks and ice creams haven’t taken their toll. Kids should be going to the dentist regularly from their first birthday in order to reduce the chance of tooth decay. There’s a great article here on Tooth decay and children and MarDenta are offering the first kids’ check-up for free, so it’s a great opportunity to get them used to going to the dentist and make sure everything is OK.

• Start introducing the normal bedtime again so it’s not such a shock to the system when the early mornings begin again 

• Start doing little worksheets and reading books with your children each day to get them back into the swing of studying and feel ready to go back to school

Good luck with all the preparations!