How are YOU Choosing to Live YOuR Life…


I wake up in the mornings and remember how grateful IAM for everything in my life, for the breath I breathe, the warmth and joy I feel flowing through my Body Consciousness, and the great company and home I share with my husband Tom. IAM Grateful for the singing birds, creepy crawlers and giant plants blowing gently in the breeze and for our sunshine days and opportunity to sit peacefully on our balcony, overlooking our beautiful garden.


Occasionally here in our magical paradise at home, we feel the storms, the rain, fierce wind and coldness, the sadness, confusion and anger as mass consciousness feels the pain and suffering of our yesterdays, affecting us all. Affecting our natural balance for a while, and then we are grateful and embrace it all. Grateful for the compassion, the nourishment and the cleansing it brings about for everyone and allows Humanity to move closer to experiencing the grand dream.


This is truly a great time to exist and be part of Humanity’s Evolution of Consciousness! Being part of a most natural transformation. Feeling how the rays of light pour down and naturally change the Human energy dynamics, allowing for the integration and embodiment of the Divine… for the ones who choose to experience Heaven on Earth.



Many of you know how my passion and mission these last 20 years has been holding the vision, for all Humanity to choose to embody and live their truth as a Celebration right here on the Earth plane, and sharing, through my writing and painting my own experience and journey awakening and embodying my Divine truth.


I inspire others to love themselves most deeply, to feel and observe the truth of their own power and magnificence within, quite simply by relaxing with their conscious breath. Embracing the darkness and the light, creating harmony within and making it possible for their desired new reality of unity and harmony to come into their Environment.


I feel blessed to continue to observe as more and more hearts awaken to their own truth and being living examples of DivineHuman Master’s and Creator’s, who we all truly are… causing ripples of change to spread throughout all of Humanity!




You can know, everything you are seeing playing out throughout the world is because of YOU! Because YOU dared dream of living your truth in harmony with others… of experiencing true and pure love, joy and peace right here!


You can know, everything not aligned with love, is no longer supported by the Earth and Cosmos and is crumbling before your very eyes. Everything in the entire world; the governments and the systems built on greed, domination and manipulation by a few, is falling apart and collapsing.


I know you sense; within the confusion and chaos on the outside, yourself living in the last days, weeks, months of darkness. A time for everyone with eyes to see, the ones who want nothing more than to keep Humanity enslaved in duality and limitation and are playing out their last card to bring us down on our knees. To fulfil their long term agenda to smother consciousness and control Humanity once and for evermore.



This year of 2021 is the year of the great divide; love against evil and the final showdown that will determine the continuance of Humanity’s natural evolution of Consciousness or not. It is a time for you to choose for yourself and stay safely in the eye of the storm, not choosing either side out there, only for yourself and the embodiment of Divine love and new experience of unity.


The curtain continues to fall and disclosure takes place ever so slowly… in order for more people to wake up, to follow their common sense and discover the truth of the bigger picture, being played out under our noses since the beginning of time!


When one chooses to embody love, we feel the joy within and the beauty around us. We know true freedom and the experience of NewEarth. We know in each moment which step to make next and get through this time in all ease and grace. We celebrate life no matter what, holding the vision and observe this great shift and transformation of Consciousness taking place.



Yes it’s tough, and it will remain this way for a while… until more of us stand up and say no more! No more enslavement! Choosing to love and trust yourself and play out your natural state of being Sovereign, free and powerful in your own right.


Nothing can hurt you out there if you stand in your light! Your Divine love conquers all and will bring you into a beautiful new experience of living your grand dream of unity consciousness here on the Earth plane.


It is time for the many to turn within and guide yourself through this time in all ease and grace… oh quite naturally!


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness & Multi-Dimensional Living





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