How to Feel Passionate about Living again…


You’re wondering why you feel like you’ve lost all zest for living, the excitement, drive and passion you used to eagerly follow… playing your roles of husband/wife, homemaker, mother/father, bread earner pleasure seeker… experiencing life’s ups and down and learning from your challenges.


It’s as if all your excitement has disappeared!


You’re now in the prime of your life, observing how your roles and resources are dwindling away… how life is burrowing deeper into conflict… how empty, gloomy and boring life can sometimes feel… even your body seems tired and you wonder how you can grasp back your enthusiasm to experience the grandness of living again!


You come across an article and while reading, something stirs deep within you… you resonate with the message… the energy, it’s as if you sense a light flickering within and a glimpse of joy travel up through your body.


You sense you are well on your way to feeling grand… being the Master and Creator of your life AND in this feeling you know your body and mind will follow suit with complete wellness and the zest for living will be experienced a million fold.


How to Feel Passionate about Life again

When you find yourself no longer playing in the field of duality, busy fitting in, finding a way to make everything work, chasing after your reward… money, possessions, acceptance, approval, love… You can sit quietly… breathing calmly and enjoy the peace surrounding you.

YES maybe all passion seems to have gone, but you are taking a journey within. Distilling your past experience and preparing yourself for a new adventure.


It may seem empty and boring, but actually you have found yourself in a vacuum of silence… the loving home of your spirit… divinity… the force of love… your core essence that is welcoming you back home after a great experience of ‘being Human’ and helping you distill the wisdom of all your success and failure, the suffering and the joy, the love and fear felt so deeply.

Judge not, put all labels aside and allow yourself to feel it all… the ups and downs experienced. Become aware of your breath and allow it to move down from your chest to your tummy.

Breath In slowly… counting 3, pushing your tummy out to breathe in more air/oxygen & atoms of love and hold for a heart beat.

Breathe Out slowly… counting 3 pulling your tummy in to release your carbon, tensions and fears and hold for a heart beat.

If you find yourself feeling scared or fearful… breathe this energy calmly and deeply in and allow your core essence of love to embrace and dissolve the energy… as it is the energy of misinformation… based on a belief that you are lacking and anything but powerful, loving, sovereign and independent from everyone and everything.


This stage of being is going to take as long as it takes for you to welcome back all your fears and yesterdays and stand strong in the knowing that you are truly magnificent and all powerful beyond your imagination.


It is in your allowing yourself to feel this truth and know it without a doubt… Trusting your Human to surrender to the Divine loving presence you are within and prepare for your next adventure… beyond the mind and physical reality… You will begin to feel your true essence of being compassion, joy, excitement, confidence, free expression, power of love, expansion and interconnectedness bubble up and through your body/mind to guide you into a brand new sensational experience of being!



The following two videos are glimpses into just how powerful and magnificent YOU are! Nothing can stand in your way to experience a life of grand magificence but your old beliefs in lack!



Life is an invitation… Are you going to celebrate it with all you’re being?


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