Be the woman you dream to be

Sandie Ashing

here´s how

Hello I’m Sandie

Award winning clinical Hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist, I am also the registered trainer for Andalucía & Gibraltar.

I have been based in the South of Spain since 2005, and am the co-owner of Lux Therapy Clinic

I’m incredibly passionate about Hypnosis and all the wonderful things it can empower clients to do, be and have, helping others to create a new reality that before they only imagined possible.

“If you can dream it you can build it.”

I reinvented myself physically, mentally, and financially.

I AM .. two of the most important words , for what you put after them shapes your reality.

I decided I wanted to become and : I AM a successful entrepreneur, and a financially independent woman. I of being fit and healthy and two years later:  I AM 34kg lighter.    Reinvented? A complete transformational revamp is closer.

The mind is your most powerful tool; it believes the self-talk, so talk nicely to it.

In order to move forward in business, in relationships and in life itself you have to be able to acknowledge the past and let go of what no longer serves a purpose.

So many of us carry baggage around (lives laundry) that drags us down, if we are constantly looking backward, we miss what’s in front of us.

During my time with you, I will be taking you through a hypnotic visualisation, which has been created to allow your subconscious mind to “Just let it go”.

I then have a surprise gift for you in your work book to enable you to create new goals, on whatever topics you like, as often as you wish. Helping you ignite your inner flame, and be the woman you dream to be. eading Text Here