Know what YOU want & Be the CHANGE…


It doesn’t matter where IAM, at home, in the car, in the supermarket or walking around my garden… although might I add, the latter is not allowed! I feel the sadness, the loneliness, the injustice and the collective deep sigh of Humanity as we find ourselves living a surreal life.


What seems to help me come back into balance more than anything, especially at this time, is to sneak out in our community garden, a most beautiful garden that our gardeners take such great care of. The air here feels so fresh and as I walk around breathing in her beautiful and colourful nature I feel her pure delightful vibrancy bringing my energy back into balance.


It is Easter Weekend and the sadness seems to have reached a high peak. It’s a sadness I’ve felt all week that has made me separate myself from many! I suppose over the years coming into my realisation, I have become more and more sensitive, and cannot tolerate being in the presence of people who refuse to be the change and continue to control, dominate and intimate others in their own pursuit for fearful scenarios.



I know the sadness, the loneliness and fear I feel, is not mine. It is the fear of the collective, of our Human experience together from the beginning of time. So much is going on now, beyond our senses! We all feel it, I feel it. Life as we know it is ending… and all the support Humanity has ever had, is leaving too.


My grand dream has always been to co-create a harmonious world and I have made it my mission to be the change, to embrace all my fear and embody love and harmony. IAM totally responsible for all my thoughts, words and actions, I keep my Body Consciousness, Body, Mind & Spirit balanced and hold high my vision of a harmonious NewEarth and the great potential of all Humanity coming into being.


I follow a deep passion for writing and painting to document my journey of transformation. Sharing with others how my journey opens me up to more and more freedom. A freedom where IAM no longer scared, have a need to play the game of victim & tyrant or experience awful outcomes or dis-ease.


My Human identity is fully surrendering to my Divine self whom I love and trust to bring me into a new harmonious experience beyond everything known.


Of course in Freedom, everyone is allowed to fear the worst, to bring about their worst scenario AND everyone is allowed to stay away from these people. In particular the media and governments who continue to repeat old dogma, old ways and systems that have kept the people ignorant and enslaved for millennia.


Being at home now, is a great opportunity for everyone to dive deep within and become their own best friend, spirit guide and doctor. Nobody knows us better than we know ourself. With patience and silence, we can begin to understand where the sadness and fear comes from, how we can protect ourselves from dis-ease and be the change that changes the world we live in.




Where does the sadness we collectively feel come from? Part of it comes from our original spiritual families, who, after supporting and watching over us for so long, are leaving now. They know that our army of love here on Earth is grand enough to take care of and be responsible for ourselves, each other and the Earth and feel they can now disband and be able to experience their own sovereign lives as powerful and magnificent creator beings.


Another part of our collective sadness is from the release of our Ancestral Lineage, responsible for the passing down of all our patterns, beliefs & biology that many of us have consciously undertaken. As a collective we are all feeling this release from our past, and when we don’t understand this empty space we find ourselves in, we automatically go into panic, loneliness and sadness… which depresses the immune system!


To bring everything to the forefront, we all find ourselves at home, many alone to face all these feelings, not much to distract us anymore but to be with ourselves, feel and make sense what is happening!


How can we protect ourselves from all dis-ease? To make sure our immune system is working for us optimally. Need I say, a low stress level, a daily intake of fresh organic vegetables & fruit, lots of fresh water and a great relationship with Your Magnificent Self. I will add here, Vit C, Zinc & Magnesium can be helpful at this time too!

It’s time for us all to remember our origins, our natural state of being love, joy and peace and be the change as we embody a harmonious balance of Body, Mind & Spirit. As Magnificent and All Powerful Beings of light we can come together and live our grand dream of Heaven on Earth!


AND in freedom, it is important for us all to remember that everyone can choose, consciously or unconsciously, to exit Earth at this time and help Humanity through this great shift of consciousness from the other side. All is good. No judgement, no doubt. It’s for each person to surrender to their Divine self, the christ consciousness within and move into their next role as Master and Creator and experience a new and wondrous experience.



I do hope my photos of our beautiful garden and intuitive painting (not yet finished) helps bring you into a loving and quiet space. A sacred space for you to quietly sit and relax with any sadness or fear you may feel, to breath into this energy, to embrace this energy that is really not yours (it is all part of your ancestral and spiritual family) and allow your breath to move and clear everything that no longer serves you out of your physical body. AND with the in breath, breathe in your own energy, your light that is naturally detoxifying and upgrading your physical body.


Let’s all allow ourselves to take this time to realise, the world we left behind will never be the same. To realise we will never be the same again. To know what we desire to experience, how we want to be the change and live our life, and together, when we walk out, we can begin building a new life based on cooperation, honour, compassion… to enjoy a most unified, creative, sensual and transparent life.


AND so it is.


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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