Learn Spanish in Just Five Easy Steps

When living in Spain, it’s important that you pick up the lingo! It’s a great feeling to be able to communicate with people who speak another language and it’s even easier than people think! We’ve set out just FIVE simple steps to get you chatting in Spanish in no time!

Step 1: Understand why you want to learn. If you’re learning because you have to, you probably won’t get very far! Truly appreciating the language will help you grow more eager to learn and will fuel your motivation! Why not read a bit about Spanish history and language development to really find your passion?

Step 2: Immerse yourself in Spanish culture. Don’t opt for an English television straight away – Try watching Spanish shows with English subtitles to give you a great grasp of common words and the correct pronunciation! Make Spanish friends and perhaps meet for an educational cup of coffee, so you can teach each other your language.

Step 3: Talk to yourself! As strange as this one may sound, it’s probably one of the most effective methods you’ll find! When you’re going about your daily life, try and translate the thoughts and phrases that cross your mind into Spanish…For example “I wonder what the weather’s like today” or “I’d love to go for a walk later!” You’ll be surprised at just how much you can learn by this internal studying technique!

Step 4: Create your own phrase book – And don’t be afraid to use it! If you’re out and about in the Spanish towns and you overhear a new phrase, write it down! And, make sure you ask if someone says something to you that you don’t understand! The Spanish are open to foreign learners and will happily fight the language barrier for you!

Step 5: Understand that it’s a process! You can’t become fluent overnight – But, you can do it pretty quickly! You just need to try hard, find the time and dedicate yourself to the language! Don’t shy away from any unknown conversational topics, just dive right in and figure it out when you get there – Learning a new language is all about trial and error, so be patient! Soon, you will be flying though Spanish with ease and tossing your trusty phrasebook to the side!