#LivingInLockdown – Day 32


Day 32 – Thursday 16th April


There are days during this lock down when everything flows smoothly. Then there are days where you can’t get your brain to focus on the slightest thing. Today is one of those days. I went to make lunch and was totally uninspired by the food in my fridge. I knew exactly what my meal plan for the week was supposed to be, as obviously I have to organise this before I go shopping. I think that’s part of the problem. Knowing exactly what I’m going to be eating every day. There’s no mystery in it. When I used to go out for a menu del dia it would be down to which menu caught my fancy. I’d have no idea what I was going to eat until my taste buds said ‘that one!’. I threw together the dish that required the least effort and ate it with little enthusiasm.


Then there’s the exercise routine. Whilst my body may have been able, my brain again said no. I have no motivation for this today. I have managed to keep my step count up and I will force myself to do the stairs, but any upper body work is off the menu today. Maybe I can try the dancing round the living room. But to be honest I can’t be bothered.


Finally I sat down to write this blog and drew a complete blank. I stared at the screen for five minutes with no words forming. There’s nothing there today. I’m empty. Don’t worry I’m sure I recharge myself by tomorrow, but today I’m having a day off from thinking. Tune back in again tomorrow and hopefully normal service will resume.