#LivingInLockdown – Day 44


Day 44 – Tuesday 28th April


Today the government announced their plans for a deescalation of the lockdown in Spain. There are five phases which I’ve detailed at the end of this blog. The hope is that all phases will be completed by the end of June. However this is dependant on case numbers continuing to decline. Each phase will last at least 14 days, as that’s how long it takes to see any potential increase in infections. 


The deescalation will not be uniform across Spain. Those regions with fewer cases will be able to deescalate more rapidly than those with higher case numbers, which basically means Madrid and Barcelona will be the last to reach phase 4. This is fine by me. As of Saturday, when phase 0 starts, I can go for a walk and hopefully 2-3 weeks later I’ll be able to sit on a terrace and have a coffee. For some reason this is what I have missed the most and I’m not an avid coffee drinker, I just like to watch the world go by.


There is no mention here of resuming international flights, so I guess a trip to the UK is still some ways off. However by phase 5 I can travel in Spain and go enjoy our apartment in the South. As holiday goers from other countries wont be able to fly here until later this means I might actually be able to try some of the restaurants that are usually fully booked in the summer season. I’m well happy with that.


It seems the weather remains in tune with happenings in Spain. Since the start of this lockdown it has been wet and miserable. When the government announced children were allowed out the sun started to make more of an appearance with scattered clouds. They said adults would be allowed out from Saturday and the forecast for the weekend is sunny and hot. Then today they announced the deescalation plan and a beautiful rainbow appeared over our urbanisation.




Phase 0: Preparation and planning. Certain businesses will re-open with an appointment system. Restaurants will be able to prepare ‘takeaways’, in which customers can collect their order. Exercise and walks, with those who you live with, allowed 2nd May, maybe with staged time slots, etc. More details to come.


Phase 1: Open small businesses. There will be schedules/time slots for elderly. Terraces of bars/restaurants 30% capacity, always with sufficient social distances (at least 2 metres). Hotels and tourist accommodation can open (under certain measures, e.g. no common areas allowed open), also 30%. Religious sites can open, 30% capacity, always with sufficient social distances. Funerals permitted (under certain measures). The use of masks in public transport will be highly recommended.


Phase 2: Inside of restaurants/bars can open, 30% capacity, social distancing, only table service. Schools will re-open in September for most students, but different measures will be taken for those with children under 6 years old, in which both parents work, also there may also be measures for re-enforcement classes for those most vulnerable students, also for EBAU students, bachillerato, etc. Cinemas, theatres etc may open, 30% capacity, social distancing. Also expositions and meeting rooms. Religious sites 50% capacity.


Phase 3: Easing of movement between different territories. Restaurants/bars 50% capacity, social distancing.