My Beautiful World…


Most mornings I spend my waking moments breathing in the new day, being grateful for everything I have and embracing all my feelings and Human concerns that may come up. This allows me to relax deeper and deeper into my own natural state of being love, joy & peace that is always a breath away from Human thinking.


Since the weekend however, my initial waking moments have no time or space, and am one with my loving, joyful and peaceful presence. I know for sure everything is absolutely magnificent and most perfect. Everything within and without is unfolding as it is meant too as consciousness moves itself quite naturally into a new and harmonious balance.


I know, more than ever there is nothing for the Human to be concerned about, but to spend this time taking special care of ourself and our loved ones… and trust that everything is happening and playing out most perfectly.


I say this because you may be distracted with the seemingly chaotic world around you, as more and more truth continues to roll out, dark and hidden truths that need to see the light of day and rock the foundation of our Human mind and society.


It’s time now to allow it all to happen, to allow the darkness to transmute and be released forever more.


Remember, love has won and you are an enlightened and essential part of this great shift of consciousness. Here now, dear one, to experience in all ease and grace, the release of all your fears and beliefs in lack and fully embrace and embody your most loving, Divine and Magnificent self and live a life of harmony, celebration and true freedom.



The sun is always reminding each one of us that we play a most central and essential role in life and moves with our every step. This act alone can inspire us to enjoy our beautiful world.


I’ve posted below some of my photos to share my beautiful world in Benalmadena, Spain, how I indulge in my surroundings, my family and friends and my passion creating Intuitive Art with local children.


The holiday season is now over, sun-beds & shades put away and we are left with many miles of beautiful and natural empty beaches for us to relax, walk, fish, swim and play on.


Morning Walks and coffee by the seashore.


Always a reason to celebrate in our favourite restaurant in the Pueblo.
Enjoying the company of local Costa Women, who over the years have become like family.

My charity, Conciencia Magnifica inspires local children to explore their heart and soul expression through Intuitive Art. This is all thanks to donations received from the sale of my true love story, Your Magnificent Self… A Journey To Freedom and my MasterCreator Class


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
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All the money raised from my books and classes go to my non-profit association The Magnificent Consciousness that holds free local Creative Art projects in Benalmadena, Spain.